Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Thank you so much for all of the reviews Beyond the Grey Sky is getting. I get so giddy when I get onto AFF and see that so many have read the chapter and that I have reviews for what I wrote. I must admit though. Reading through some of the reviews, I find myself getting worried. Perhaps I'm just paranoid, which is always a possibility, but were there readers out there who thought that this story was not good? I'm not going to speak of specific reviews but please leave me a comment and give me your honest opinion. Is this story not good? Did it not start good? Is it good now? Is it surprising that the story is good? I don't know why I'm worried. I shouldn't. The story seems to be well-liked. I would just like some thoughts about what the real opinion of the story is. Thank you so much in advance for everything.


Anonymous said...

There are no words to explain how great a writer I think you are.I have been home on maternity leave and I check everyday to see if you have updated. This last chapter was a little sad for me, I was so hoping the conflict was over for the most part. But it's your story and you know better than anyone else how it's done, if someone doesn't like it then they don't need to read it.


Anonymous said...

Well I think I have told you how I feel about your writing. I know that sometimes we need to hear it from other people (it is kinda like your mother telling you are beautiful, she almost has to) but believe me when I say from the bottom of my heart you are wonderful. You are so good, that I print out your stories and take them to work, if I can make myself hold off from reading it right away. I then let one of my co-worker read your work. We can't access the website from work or I know she would leave comments. I gave her the website but for some reason every morning she ask for her chapter. It is like I'm a chapter pimp (I promise I do not get paid for the chapters and I don't tell her I wrote them, in case you are worried.) Seriously we think you are very talented and I can't believe I get to read your work for free. We love this story because with all romance stories you know the general plot. Boy and Girl Meet, Fall in Love, Live Happily Every After. You stories are so great because, for example in this story, I didn't even like Reed at first but now I really care about him not every author can do that, I didn't see how you would ever get these to even on speaking terms, let alone love, but you did it with amazing style, now you have this twist that is just phenomenal, and I know that in the end they will be together. PLEASE SAY THEY WILL BE TOGETHER! I don't doubt you talent, you shouldn't either.

Shanna aka Devious622