Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Question Time

Oh! I just thought of something else to say. A reader, Melanie, emailed me and suggested it and I'm curious to see if anyone else is interested in this. I have some readers that will email with random questions they think pertaining to my stories and I am more than happy to answer them. Questions like who my favorite couple I created is, where do my stories take place, how old I am, what my favorite movie is, etc. etc. If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to either leave a comment here or email me. I will be more than happy to answer. And just in case you were wondering:

My favorite couple that I created - I love all of the couples I write but honestly, my favorite, the one that I love writing about is Brady and Ali from Something Pretty. A close second would be between Jared and Emily from Blood and Honey and Another Day. I know a lot of my most devoted fans who have been with me since the beginning adore Justin and Poppy from Wonderwall and Even After All. They were my first stab at romance stories and I've seriously been considering rewriting Wonderwall because reading it again now from when I first wrote it, I'm not at all satisfied with the story. They were my first experiment and I might give them another shot.

And for Melanie's second question - The Wonderwall series of stories took place in the Boston, MASS. area. I have never lived there but my sister lived there around the time that I was writing all of those particular stories so I used that city. After that, the stories have either taken place in Chicago or NW Indiana, which is about fifteen minutes away from Chicago and this is where I was born and raised. The town, Archer, is fictitious but every town, train line, and street name is real and from my life. In fact, the Pope house from The Lion and the Lamb is very much like the house I live in now.

Sorry for rambling. If anyone has any question pertaining to my story or to me, don't hesitate to ask. I would be more than happy to answer anything - within reason of course. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't believe you could write a mediocre story, but I understand what you mean that you need to have a story in mind before you write, or else you may not be satisfied with it.
Also I have read all of your stories. Actually while you were on hiatus I read most of them twice. I love them all. I personally don't think you should re-write Justin and Poppy's story because if you read all of your stories you can see your progression as a writer. And I really liked Wonderwall. Maybe you can just do another update. I know it will be difficult because you have elaborated on all the characters but there is always room for an update. Maybe you can revisit Nikki and Lawson or even Wallace's story, yeah that would be good, and of course the whole crew can make an appearance. OK I'm rambling, I will go now.

Shanna ava Devious622

Anonymous said...

In The Lion And The Lamb, you mentioned that Maddy was listening to a mix cd that Patrick made for her. I was just wondering... What would be on that cd?