Saturday, April 14, 2007

Justin and Poppy

So, I officially love my husband. Today, we had gone out to the park with the twins (they're doing so well, 7years, thank you for asking!) and he had gone to buy hot dogs and a magazine. Justin is obsessed with skateboarding and surfing and when he was playing with Thomas and Delia, I started flipping through the magazine he bought and suddenly there he was. Readers, I have finally found my Justin Aldridge. He is perfect and pretty much how I imagined him in my head though Justin from Wonderwall and Even After All had darker hair. Still, despite that, he is still a perfect example. I also was so excited I found an actress with EXACTLY the kind of hair and face Poppy Sheppard always had in my head. I am so happy about these pictures. Please enjoy. I am so glad my husband (also named Justin) buys surfing magazines.




Anonymous said...

Goodness. Justin is hot. And that picture of Poppy is perfect!

SFC Omicron said...


You found them! You found them!!! Kudos to your Justin for buying the magazine in which you found "Justin"! He looks smexy, VERY smexy. And Poppy...what can I say? Your model is EXACTLY how I envisioned her. I can't believe you finally found them! Excellent! I have to read these stories over again, just so I can see them again...for the first time!

Excellent! Excellent! I can't go on enough about it! Great job, hon!

And update "Beyond the Grey Sky" soon! I have to know how it turns out!