Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tyson and Amy

I'm so glad that some of you are interested in a story following Tyson, Ryan's younger brother from Circle Park. I was writing chapter eight and I just sort of was like 'Huh. That could be good' so I'm excited just thinking about it. With Circle Park having one, maybe two, chapters left, I will begin to devote my time to The Prettiest Thing, which already has the first chapter posted. I'm so excited for this story and thank you to those who gave me advice. I will try to make the story my own and not fall completely into tired clichéd patterns. For those who have asked, I already posted pictures of Brett, Ella and Trevor from that story. Click here to see them.

As for Tyson's story, I have the plot in my head already and I even found pictures for him and his soon-to-be love interest, Amy Dunn. I know that I already had a picture for Tyson but he was supposed to be fifteen years old in Circle Park and in his follow-up story, he is going to be twenty-two, so the model I had posted is a bit too young looking. The picture I found is what Tyson would look like at an older age. And it even looks like he's had a broken nose once or twice which is perfect condsidering Tyson's anger and fighting problems.




Anonymous said...

Haha, I looked at the pictures first and the first thing that popped up in my head was that Tyson's model looked like he'd had a few broken noses, so you definitely found the right picture yeah. Amy's model has got mad eyes, the colour is so beautiful.

As for the story, it sounds like a nice concept, what with Tyson's anger and all. Also, I'm pretty sure Ryan'd pop up once or twice in there considering the bond they share and that's exactly what I love about Circle Park too.

Thanks for making all these stories, man, they always manage to get my interest and entertain me for months after.

B.G. said...

Overall comment, I'm sure you enjoy what you do but your stories are cliched. You wrote a complex story with Olivia and Ben yet you seem to feel more comfortable writing your lily white characters - take that however you like. Even with the pictures, the characters have no emotions behind their eyes, they don't fit. I can actually say that I liked your writings more without having to look at the models - though optional - can't be helped because I cared more for your writings, not for the pictures you were able to find of models.

cj said...

So, I just wanted to say, that I love your stories and that I like the picture you've got of Tyson. I like all those pictures, if gives a more complete look to the characters for me, though I only use certain facial things, because I still use my own imagination to make someone up.

(Also, if that b.g. character doesn't like your pictures, they shouldn't look at them, or just forget about that when they do look at it)