Friday, April 27, 2007

The Prize

I just posted the first chapter of my newest story The Prize, which follows Tyson Reed, Ryan's younger brother from Circle Park. I hope everyone enjoys my new work. It will seem a bit different than most of my stories simply because of the different personalites I'm creating. Amy is a rambler. She doesn't feel comfortable with silence and even her thoughts seem to be something of a jumbled mess. Tyson on the other hand does not speak much and that won't be changing. Tyson never did talk much so for him to start talking more and more would be slightly out of character for him. The Prize takes place seven years after Circle Park ended so Tyson is now twenty-two. I think reading the first chapter, some people didn't realize that it was Tyson Reed, Ryan's younger brother. Because of the bond these two share, you can expect appearances from Ryan in future chapters. As for The Prettiest Thing, I am definitely continuing this story. Just at the moment, I'm having difficulty finding my inspiration for this story at the moment but I do promise that I will be continuing this eventually.


Anonymous said...

Héhé so he is really a boxer =D I really like this new story so far, and those 2 characters look really interesting ^^ I can't wait to see them meet again, I already like Amy and how she lives .. ^^ Congratulation in one chapter you make me addicted to this story!!

Bulma-Veggie (France)

PS: Just by curiosity, are you gonna re-write your one-shot of Ben & Olivia just as you said, or are you gonna let it like it is already ?

SFC Omicron said...


I was taken by surprise at seeing something new from you other than an update on "The Prettiest Thing", and was even more impressed at finding out your latest work focused on Tyson Reed. I believe I already said my piece concerning said story in my e-mail to you, and if, not, well, I'll post again soon about it. I just dropped a line to put a shameless plug on my own Writer's Blog:

I know it's not much, and I know it may reek of me copying you, but you've inspired me to keep a blog to keep me writing. You have plenty of finished pieces, and I aspire to have as much done on my page as you do. Hopefully, this blog will keep me writing.

Remember, Kate, you have a supportive crowd. We'll back you up through thick, thin, and bad reviews!

-- SFC Omicron