Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Will and Lucy

As requested, here are pictures of Will Kelly and Lucy Banks from my story Everything Will Be Alright. Remember that if anyone has a certain character they want to see a picture of, I will do my best to find one and post it.




Anonymous said...

Lucy is so beautiful !!!! And Will ...miam !! lol I loved that story too ^^
Could we have , if it's possible, a photo of Jamie Cross (he was so sweet in Better together) and Violet Littleton? Well I loved them too, they were so cute, and it's in that story that we meet Ben and Olivia =D


Madison said...

wow the guy you chose for will is gorgeous. can you find pictures of casey and amelia? i love that story!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Will is a looker, haha. I think Will is my least favorite male character I've read from you. The way he treated Lucy at the beginning just made me dislike him that's is all. Templeton you do know how to pick the men and the women are all gorgeous as well but I rather focus on the men, haha. The actor or model that you picked to be Holden is right on the mark. He definitely looks like a Holden! And Sarah looks like a Sarah. Good job.