Sunday, April 22, 2007

Riley and Samantha

Upon request, here are pictures of Riley Harper and Samantha Moore from Skating By. This has to be one of my favorite stories that I wrote even though I know a lot of people have forgotten about it lol.




Anonymous said...

Yeah !! They look so good !

I didn't say it right in my precedent post, It's not that I have forgotten 'Skating By' , I love that story, but she is kind of "lost" in the "Wonderwall" series so I often forget that it's your story ^^" But I love it too =D

bulma-veggie (France)

CJ said...

For some reason Riley looks exactly like I pictured him, except for the hair. I thought I'd read that he'd shaved his head bald or something. I dunno. I'd pictured Samantha as a blonde, straight hair kind of girl. The face looks like it, but again, the hair's different. Dude, I think I've got a problem with hairdo's.

By the way, I didn't forget this story. In fact, whenever I need myself a good dose of fluff, I read that story, and specifically the ending. I love the ending of Skating By.

Anonymous said...

I knew there were another character I wanted to see in "real",it's Nikki, I mean I don't really like her (her behaviour especially), but I was always wondering how she was even with your description of her ^^" & I never could imagine her :/
Oh and Lawson too, but on the contrary I like him lol