Monday, April 23, 2007

My One-Shot

So, Ben and Olivia won by a landslide. The next one-shot I write will definitely have to be about them since so many people want to read about them. I actually posted a one-shot on the site about them for about two hours this afternoon but I took it off. It wasn't my best work and I think everyone who read it thought that as well. I wrote it too quickly so I deleted the story and will start from the beginning. I'm not sure when I'll post it though. Honestly, I'm feeling a bit stretched. Everyone is requesting so many stories and I want to make everyone happy so I will do my best to keep updating Circle Park and The Prettiest Thing because I don't want to let anyone down. Thanks to all of those who read my stories and review. And also a big thanks to those who show an interest in this little blog I started on a whim one random day. You all mean the world to me and I promise that I'll keep trying to work hard so no one is disappointed.


Anonymous said...

You are doing an amazing job, I love reading all of your stories! So just keep up the good work!

elizabeth said...

dont put so much pressure on yourself templeton. this is supposed to be for your enjoyment as much as it is for ours. if you decide to take a four day vacation from writing will it kill us? no. slightly disappoint us? maybe. make us beg for your return? definitely. haha. but we're all big boys and girls with our own lives and we understand that you have yours as well. just don't burn yourself out cause we want you around for the long haul.

you see, this is what happens when you have so much talent and collect adoring i lay the blame of our addiction entirely at your doorstep. :P

Anonymous said...

Amazing work !! I'm so glad it will be a one-shot about Ben and Olivia =D But take all the time you need ^^

Bulma-Veggie (France)