Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holden and Sarah

I'm not sure why but finding pictures that resemble Holden Smith and Sarah James from She Paints Me Blue was quite the challenge but I finally found two models that look like the visions I have of these two particular characters. Actually, I couldn't believe how much the male model reminded me of Holden. When I find the time and if I run out of momentum to write new stories, I was actually thinking of editing and re-writing She Paints Me Blue. We'll see though. If I do decide to do it, it won't be until far into the future.




Anonymous said...

Wow. When I read their story, for some reason I pictured Holden and Sarah as this really beautiful couple and I see now that I was right. Thanks for the pictures.

twinklingdee said...

of all the pictures you have posted thus far, these two are the closest to my vision of them as well.

I have to tell you that "She Paints Me Blue" is by far my most favorite story that you have written! It was also the first story I read of yours, and of course I was hooked. Since then I've read all of your stories from beginning to end. And I love them all! You continue to be one of my favorite writers and your writing improves with each story!