Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Circle Park Update

I posted chapter seven for Circle Park this evening and actually, believe it or not, the story is winding down. I have the entire story mapped out and I think it will take me two or three more chapters. I hope everyone has been enjoying this story because I have loved writing it. I don't know what it is but writing Ryan's character makes me happy. He's just a fun character to write and after writing such a complicated and tormented character like Reed, I needed to follow that story up with a main character as laid-back and random like Ryan. And it has occurred to me that a lot of my characters have the name Reed either as a first name or as a last and I'm not sure how that happened lol.


Anonymous said...

And I thought you had a thing for the name Reed, haha. I think I actually put Reed instead of Ryan in one of my reviews. Ryan is hilarious I just adore his character.

Now I'm going to go read that one shot of Olivia/Ben.


Anonymous said...

I love Reed. He is sooooooooooooo random. I love it. 2 hours for a burger! So funny, sometimes, you have to travel to get just the perfect thing. I would do it for shoes, why not for a hamburger.

lil j said...

I love Ryan's character. Although the story is ending soon, I can't wait to see a happy ending for Ryan. I think he really deserves it haha. =)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your stories over at AFF and at FF and I was just wondering if you had any favorite stories at AFF.. I remember the old board used to have a place for favorites in the profiles but ever since the new people have taken it over a lot of stuff has changed...

I'm trying to find stories like yours at AFF and I'm needing some help with that.. It's incredibly hard to find well written love/romantic stories that don't make you close out the page after the first two pargraphs..

Any help would be apreciated..

Thanks from a devoted lurking fan..