Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Prettiest Thing

I am so excited for the two stories I am writing at the moment. I can't help it. Just thinking about Circle Park and The Prettiest Thing, my clichéd story, I smile. Justin was teasing me and laughing about my enthusiasm because we went out to dinner tonight and I couldn't stop talking to him about the plot ideas I have. I have finished the first chapter of The Prettiest Thing and now I'm editing it. The earliest it will be posted will be Sunday sometime. As soon as I finished the fourth chapter of Circle Park, I started working on the fifth. I love writing about Ryan and Rachel's complicated relationship and now, I also love writing about Brett and Ella from The Prettiest Thing. I have found the perfect pictures for Brett Dawson, Ella Scott and Trevor Scott, Brett's best friend and Ella's brother. I know these pictures really won't matter to anyone until I post the chapter but I am so excited and I guess I want to share my excitement with everyone.





Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm is quite contagious templeton because now I'm really looking forward to reading this new story. I love cliched stories but as long as the author put his or her own touch, twist, or what have you to make it their own. The boys you picked for this new story are looking fine, haha.


lil j said...

I'm really looking forward to this story (I love cliche haha) and I love the whole Ryan and Rachel story too. And I must say, the guys you have for this new story are sure fione looking