Saturday, April 21, 2007


So, I sometimes get in completely fluffy silly moods and I write one-shots much like I did with Emily and Jared in Another Day. I want to write another one but I can't decide who to write it about so I'm going to get everyone's opinion. What couple do you want to catch up with? Please leave a comment and let me know:

Justin/Poppy from Wonderwall and Even After All
Riley/Samantha from Skating By
Lawson/Nikki from Just What I Needed
Brady/Ali from Something Pretty
Holden/Sarah from She Paints Me Blue
Abe/Cecilia from Collide
Will/Lucy from Everything Will Be Alright
Casey/Amelia from Some Kind of Wonderful
Jamie/Violet from Better Together
Ben/Olivia from More than Anyone
Matt/Lindsey from Blood and Honey
Patrick/Maddy from The Lion and the Lamb
Reed/Cami from Beyond the Grey Sky
Misc. Couple - Let me know which one!

The story will just be a one-shot but I promise that it will catch you up with them and of course, it will be sweet, romantic and absolutely fluff.


Anonymous said...

write one for ben and olivia, please, thanks

jcc said...

Now that is a tough question but I’m going to try anyway. I really can’t decide but I have narrowed it down to Lawson/Nikki from Just What I Needed and Ben/Olivia from More than Anyone. I have to say that it is really mean of you to make us choose because in reality you just can’t choose between these characters. By the way the mean part was just a joke but it was really difficult to choose.

Tif said...

Id love to read about ben and olivia, they ended at such a critical moment. I am dying to know whats going on with them. :)

lil j said...

I'd love to read about Ben and Olivia. They're one of my favorites. I'm dying to know what's happening with them!

SFC Omicron said...

You know, the top three couples that I would have to choose (I really can't choose one, bear with me) are Justin-Poppy, Abe-Cecilia, and Reed-Cami. Those three are my top three pairings, and they all equally stand out. Sorry, but I tried, believe me, and those three couples couldn't top each other in any way.

Anonymous said...

This is tough for me to answer because I have two couples I would really like an update for: Ben/Olivia or Reed/Cami. I'm leaning more toward Reed/Cami because Ben/Olivia seem to have a stronger relationship. I would really like to see how Reed and Cami have progressed past his problems and see if they have opened up to one another.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Ben and Olivia !! I love them !!!

Bulma-veggie (France)

cj said...

Well, I can't choose actually, but if I'd had to choose, it'd be between Reed and Cami, Ben and Olivia, and Abe and Cecilia. Actually, no. If I have to choose I pick Reed and Cami, because they had the most unsure ending you know. As in, you know they're going to work on it, but you don't know how their relationship will be. Or something, whatever. So anyway, Reed and Cami.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more about Ben and Olivia

Anonymous said...

id love to read a ben and olivia one shot and definatly a cami and reed one.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what's happening with Ben and Olivia (they're my favorite) and Reed and Cami, and if you have time Will and Lucy so one of those three of if you want all three will be a dream!

Anonymous said...

Ben and Olivia, Ben and Olivia, Ben and Olivia, Ben and Olivia, Ben and Olivia, Ben and Olivia. I loved the way their story ended but that was only the beginning I would love to kknow what happened next.


Anonymous said...

Justin and Poppy, Jamie and Violet.

twinklingdee said...

I have it narrowed down to two... but i would be excited to read about any of the characters! :) Here are my votes:

Holden/Sarah as they are my favorite!


Lucy/Will! :)

Anonymous said...

My all-time favorite of your stories is "Everything Will Be Alright", that's why it's obvious that I would really really love to read an One-Shot about Will and Lucy.

Rachel said...

I have to go with either Reed & Cami or Ben & Olivia. Both stories left off with faith that they'l be together, but we aren't as assured as we are on many of the other stories. I would love to know what happens with either couple. If you could do one-shots for both, that'd be even better! :)

elizabeth said...

my vote is for ben and olivia or reed and cami. maybe if i'm extra good this year you'll write them both (she says as she puts on her best puppy dog face. haha. these are four of my favorite characters ever, so i promise that i will LOVE whatever you choose.