Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ben and Olivia

So many requests, so hard to find the right actors/models that fit the part. But I'm so glad so many people seem to be enjoying the pictures. I love seeing my characters in the flesh as well so to speak. These pictures below are of Ben Norfolk and Olivia Grange from More Than Anyone and let me tell you. It is hard to find an actor around the right age with shaved red hair. The actor I found has the perfect Ben face though.




Anonymous said...

Ouah !! Yesterday I post a mess where I say that I would love to see "photos" of Olivia and Ben, and This morning I see that you have put them !!!!!! =D
They are just beautiful, As I didn't know any shaved red hair actor I pictured Ben as Joshua Jackson, only a little bit older, but I prefer your version lol
Thanks again, I hope that we will hear about this two characters in the future, Their story touched me a lot !!
Encore Bravo !!

Anonymous said...

It's me again !!
I forgot to ask you, could you give me the name of the man on "Ben's photo"? It's just because I have no idea who he is ^^ I'm really curious !