Monday, April 23, 2007

My Cliché

I just posted the first chapter of my newest story The Prettiest Thing, which is the clichéd story a lot of you seemed interested in reading. I hope you all like it. The first chapter is a bit short in my opinion but it is taking the opportunity to just set a few things up. The next chapter will be a bit longer, my usual length probably. Please read and review and let me know what you all think of it. The seventh chapter of Circle Park should be up either sometime tonight or tomorrow. I figure that I will alternate the two stories, working on both of them on alternating days so updates will hopefully be frequent - if I don't burn myself out of course. lol. I don't really see that happening though. Or if I start updating Circle Park more frequently than The Prettiest Thing, don't panic. I probably will do so so I can finish one story and put all of my time and attention into the other so my writing isn't strained between two stories. We'll see though how this goes. Either way, neither story will be neglected.

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