Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Such a Cliché

Thank you to all of those who have read and reviewed Circle Park so far for me. I'm having such a fun time writing it and I hope that's evident when you read it. I like the fact that I'm writing something different than most of my other stories and I'm excited to see what everyone thinks of it as the rest of the story begins to unfold.

When I'm writing, in the back of my head, I am always toying around with ideas for my next new story. And especially lately, I have three or four ideas tumbling about inside my mind. One idea in my head that refuses to go away is so clichéd and yet, I love it. I have a weak spot in my heart for clichéd stories. I'm not sure if I'll ever write this but I have to get the idea down on paper and see if anyone is interested in reading it.

Brett Dawson could get any girl he wanted and yet, he seems to be completely uninterested in those throwing themselves at him. Instead, he seems to be focused on none other than the quiet, bookworm, Ella Scott, who also just happens to be Brett's best friend's younger sister.

I know. I know. Not only is it about the popular guy falling for the shy girl but it's about the guy falling for his best friend's sister. I don't know why I feel compelled to write this but the idea is just in there and it refuses, absolutely refuses, to leave my mind. Please tell me what you think of it. This might be one of those stories I write for myself that will never see the light of day. I'm not sure yet. First things first however. I must continue to work on Circle Park and am in fact working on chapter three, which will hopefully be posted sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

that sounds really good. i really like the cliche stories as well. so after you finish ryans story, start writing this one!

Anonymous said...

I love cliche stories and that one sounds really good! Please let it see the light of day!

Anonymous said...

Kate, I will read pretty much anything you produce because no matter the plot, it always turns out amazingly. Personally, I think would like your cliche story a little better than Circle Park but that's just me.

Please keep up the magnificent writing--your writing is a great break from my increasingly overwhelming pile of uni work.

jcc said...

Now who doesn’t love cliché stories?? I absolutely love them.

SFC Omicron said...

Cliché away! I'm probably more of a sucker for clichés and romance than you are (it's not every day you find a guy that reads romance novels and rattles off clichés on television shows and movies at the drop of a hat).

I'll agree with the third anonymous comment on the first sentence: I'll read it because no matter the plotline, you'll deliver it spectacularly, if that's even a word.

As to judging Circle Park, I think that it's the possible uncomfortability that might have put off some readers. I mean, I personally wouldn't be comfortable knowing the girl I wanted to hook up with is my mother's boyfriend's daughter. But then again, it's too early to judge, and I find that situation I just described to be intriguing where Ryan is concerned. I guess reading it will make me feel more at ease, even though I'm sure it'll never happen to me.

Anyway, I think you should continue with Circle Park how you want to go with it. I read your stories not only because they're beautifully crafted, but because they're original and from you. I'm a big fan of your work, and whatever the result of your story ("Beyond the Grey Sky", mainly...that story threw me for loops and you really surprised me with the ending), I know I'll love it because you stuck through it the whole way. Keep on writing!

Rachel said...

Every story that you've written ( and posted), I've read and loved. You have way of writing that connects the reader with the characters. I'm enthralled in all that you write. And though the idea maybe a little clichéd, I'm sure you will make it a completely irresistable read. I personally love the cliché of the best friend's sister, so please, write that story. :)

As for Circle Park, it's different from your other stories, but no less as intriguing. I truly look forward to seeing what will happen between them. I cannot wait to see what you produce!

Tiffany said...

um i hope to god you let us read it too!!! im a sucker for the cliche romance!!!! especially the shy girl meets popular guy one!!! isnt it every girls fantasy to have the best lookin boy in high school?? lol we were alll so clueless back in the day of stereotypes and cliques... im rambling but I would looove to read it when you write it!!

twinklingdee said...

you definitely are not the only one that loves cliche stories... i totally love those kind of stories because they're so darn cute! It's just a matter of HOW they fall in love... that's the greatest part. so, i hope you do write it and post it! :)

Anonymous said...

i to am i fan of cliches. so write it. i read all of your storys on every site you posted them on i could find. u got talent.
hey and i always look forward for you updates. u make my day. thanx!


lilj said...

i love cliche stories. they're so fun to read!