Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chapter Ten

I just posted chapter ten for Beyond the Grey Sky and from the looks of it, people do not seem to like it. But the story was always meant to go this way. Of course Reed's drinking was going to become a problem for his and Cami's growing relationship. Of course he was going to do something stupid and wind up hurting her. I'm sorry if this chapter was hated by a lot of people but the story had been planned in my head like this since the beginning. I can't please everyone. I can only write what I want to write and hope that some people out there like it. For those truly worried, don't be. All is not lost for Reed and Cami. I'm not sure how many more chapters but I do know that their story is not done yet.


Anonymous said...

The story is good do not get worry or paranoid. Honestly, I wanted to read a Ryan story because I had a bias opinion on Reed. An alcoholic womanizer is not someone I really want to read about, but I did because I know you would eventually make me feel differently about his character. I'm really pleased with the way Reed is portrayed. You made him believable especially with the drinking problem. I definitely do like chapter 10. It is the best turn of event chapter in the story. It was unexpected and it caught me off guard. I'm glad you made the choice you did for this chapter. I think people like the chapter and the dislike is not aim at your writing but at Reed's stupidity. See it just shows how good of an author you are. Anyway, I hope you don't mind me asking but how are your twins?


Lucy said...

I don't know, I liked Ch. 10. Of course life isn't going to be suddenly peachy for Reed. The best love is one that flourishes through adversity. Thanks for the great read =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED CHAPTER 10! Of course we all want a romance story, but what is a great romance without a few ups and downs, sometimes simple romances are boring. They has to be something. I will say it was unexpected, but that is what made it so great. That and my faith in you that you will

Shanna aka devious622