Friday, April 25, 2008

TPT - Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter twenty-nine of The Prettiest Thing is now up and loaded on so check it out for me. Read, review and I hope everyone enjoys it. You know how much reviews help me. Thank you to Lauren for the piece of art of Alex and Joanna. I hope to have the next chapter up by Sunday but I can't promise anything. In the meantime, please read and enjoy chapter twenty-nine. Thank you very much.

Ghetto Gospel Status

Good morning, everyone. Thank god it's Friday. I am writing chapter twenty-nine of The Prettiest Thing as we speak but I wanted to announce something. I am composing a book of short stories that I want to send in for publishing and one of those stories is going to be Ghetto Gospel. I know there are some that have been asking me for an update and wondering what is going on with that story but I will not be posting any more chapters since I am tweeking everything I wrote already and expanding on it. Since I am hoping to send it away for publishing, I cannot leave the story posted on the site. I'm sorry. I don't know if anyone would want to read that story but if I am lucky enough to get it published, I will let you know. I don't even know if this post makes sense. I am still half asleep but to recap, Ghetto Gospel will no longer be updated. I'm sorry for this but I hope people understand. Thank you for showing such an interest and devotion to it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Harry and Anne

Good morning, everyone. I hope everyone has a good day today. Thank you to everyone who read chapter twenty-eight and reviewed The Prettiest Thing for me. I can never find the right words to say just how much I appreciate it. If you haven't read it, please do so over on

As most of my early morning posts like this one tend to be, this is also a completely random one. It is no secret to anyone that More than Anyone is a fan favorite and there were a lot of characters in that story as well. One couple that people seemed to really love though they were very secondary was Harry and Anne Potter - first seen and mentioned in Better Together but really had more of a role to play in Ben and Olivia's story. I actually had always planned on writing Harry and Anne a short one-shot story eventually since the way they met and married was unique and I wanted to explore that more. Below, I wanted to post pictures of my inspirations for the characters. This is one of the few times where I found the right pictures BEFORE I created the characters. Usually, it's the other way around but that picture of Anne is exactly how I imagined her. I don't know why I am posting this but I hope you like it. Thank you.



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter twenty-eight of The Prettiest Thing has just been posted on so please read, review and let me know what you think but you all know the drill by now. I really like this chapter and I hope everyone does too. It gives insight into both Ella and Brett's thoughts about the New Year's Eve incident and I am interested to see which side people take. Also, below is a picture of Corey and Kyle Colfax. Kyle has been mentioned in several chapters as a friend of Brett and Trevor and honestly, has become the perfect guy for Corey though their relationship is more based on having fun and sex then becoming serious. I am really excited for the next chapter and I hope to start working on that as soon as I finish this post. Thanks for reading and reviewing ahead of time. You know how much I appreciate it. Happy Wednedsay!

Corey and Kyle

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

She's So Lovely

This is so silly of me but I wanted to post this song because I have been listening to it a lot lately and have been writing The Prettiest Thing at the same time. I think the song is fun, bouncy and I think of Brett and Ella when I hear it. The song is "She's So Lovely" by Scouting For Girls. Give it a listen and let me know which couple - of any of my stories - it reminds you of. And just so everyone knows, I am working on chapter twenty-eight but I have no idea when it will be finished. This week is already kind of crazy. Have a good Tuesday, everyone!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blast from the Past

HMC gave me more than a dozen pictures she found for The Prettiest Thing and this particular one made us both smile, thinking of Trevor, Ella and Brett in junior high. I just wanted to post it because I think the picture is adorable and I wanted to thank HMC for sending me all of those pictures that will be randomly posted as well as the other fanart that I have from other readers. Thank you.

Presenting Ella

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce Ella Vanessa Scott, our heroine of The Prettiest Thing. I am so excited. After searching the internet endlessly for someone to resemble the Ella I had in my mind when I created the character [as well as the original model I had found], I have finally found her. This girl is the perfect Ella that I envision when I write the character and I am so happy to have found her. Her real name is Nora Zehetner, an actress, and this girl is my Ella Scott.

*I am not forcing these images on anyone. Please envision the characters however you want. The images of characters I post are just to help those who like having visual aids when they read. I just post the pictures for fun. Thank you.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Seven

As promised, chapter twenty-seven of The Prettiest Thing is loaded on and I have to admit. I absolutely love this chapter and I hope everyone else does too. Please read, review and let me know what you think. I can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts. This chapter just seemed to pour from my mind and fingers and I hope it is enjoyed. Below is a picture of Ella created by Lauren. Thank you so much, Lauren. I have more fanart to post and will continue to do so with each chapter update. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and don't forget to review.

Friday, April 18, 2008


In chapter twenty-seven of The Prettiest Thing, the town has a New Year Eve's party - a formal affair that has everyone looking their best. Below are the pictures of some of the dresses featured in the chapter worn by three of the main characters. I hope to have the chapter posted sometime tomorrow. This chapter was extremely easy to write and once I started, I couldn't seem to stop. I will let everyone knew when I post it.

Ella's Dress

Joy's Dress

Corey's Dress

Brett's Tie

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Six

I just posted chapter twenty-six of The Prettiest Thing on so check it out for me. It is a very heavy Brett and Ella chapter which everyone seems to want to read so I delivered. Please read, review and let me know what you think. Thank you.

Moon Jar

Hey everyone. Working on chapter twenty-six, it is very heavy with Brett and Ella. There is a quick scene with Nick and Connie in the beginning but then it focuses on the growing relationship between Brett and Ella. A little spoiler picture is below of the Christmas present Ella gives Brett - a moon jar, which are things I have a strange collection of. I know people are getting a little frustrated and confused with all of the characters in this story and I'm sorry about that. I knew going into this story that it was going to be a complex web of characters. If I wrote a story with just two characters with a few random appearances by minor characters, to me, that story wouldn't be very interesting. So I am going to keep writing The Prettiest Thing as I have always intended to write it. If you want, skip whatever parts you want and read about whatever characters interest you the most. Thank you and hopefully, I will be completed with chapter twenty-six sometime today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have taken down my email address from this site so unless you already have it, I am not going to give it out anymore. I have been receiving many harsh emails lately from readers criticizing The Prettiest Thing and how much it has sucked lately. I write because I love it but when I get emails like that, it doesn't make it fun for me anymore and I don't like feeling like it. I never want to go a day where I hate writing. If you don't like my writing or my stories - and pardon my language - then don't fucking read them. Write your own fucking story and maybe, I'll waste my time and insult you like you do me. I'm really tired of this. I don't know if other authors get emails like this but if you do, I am so sorry because people who take their time to write and update and think of stories for people to enjoy do not deserve this kind of treatment. Stop emailing me just to insult me. Do you have any idea how much time and effort I put into this story? I am so fucking proud of this story but every insult cuts at me and hurts me and I don't want to deal with it anymore. Sorry for the rant. Most reviews offer me compliments or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism - thank you HMC for getting me back on track - but those emails that outright insult me, leave me alone and don't read my stories. I don't want people like you reading my stories anyway.

I'm Yours

After I posted Trevor and Joy's song "Hard to Concentrate" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a lot of you have been asking me to post the song I imagine being Brett and Ella's. Well, here it is. The song is called "I'm Yours" and it is by one of my favorite solo acts, Jason Mraz. I really love the song and have written a lot of Brett and Ella scenes while listening to it. Very mellow and laid back but with sweet lyrics that I think fit the couple perfectly. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Also, please review chapter 25. I am beginning to realize that the longer the chapter, the fewer reviews I get and I am not sure why so please read and review. Thanks!

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The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter twenty-five of The Prettiest Thing has just been added on so please read, review and let me know what you think. I hope you all like and enjoy it. It is the story's longest chapter yet so there is a lot of detail and insight with the characters. Thank you ahead of time for reading and reviewing.

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The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Four

Sorry it took me so long to post chapter twenty-four of The Prettiest Thing but it is finally up for you all to read and review on It became longer than I initially planned so Joy's dance showcase is moved to the next chapter as well as some progress in the Brett/Ella relationship. I hope everyone likes the new chapter. Please let me know what you all think of it. I found an old picture on my computer and realized that it was the same model I used for Trevor. I just wish I knew his name! Read, review and also, Christmas is in the next chapter as well and I am very excited to write the next installment. I can't believe we're already on chapter twenty-four and still, a lot of story must be told. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Joy's Senior Dance Showcase

Hi everyone. In chapter twenty-four of The Prettiest Thing, Ella and Corey will spend some girl time together, Joy and Trevor will tell their parents about the pregnancy, Brett is going to step up his game in his pursuit of Ella and Joy is going to have her dance showcase. Below is the ballet portion of her show from Romeo and Juiet and I wrote it and pictured in my head as Joy dancing that dance to "Apologize" by OneRepublic. I have posted the dance footage and the song below so give it a watch and listen if you want. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter twenty-three of The Prettiest Thing is posted on so please read and review it for me as you usually do. I love every review I get and it really does motivate me to update faster. I love how involved people are getting with this story and how they argue and debate and get frustrated with things the characters do. It is so amazing to get reactions from readers like that and I love it. Thank you so much to Gwen for making the piece of art of Ella below and also, there is a picture of Asta, Lyla and Andy's puppy. Enjoy the chapter. Thank you.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I am almost finished with chapter twenty-two of The Prettiest Thing but I don't think it will be complete and ready to post until tomorrow but I will let you all know when I have posted it on Chapter twenty-two really focuses on the three Scott children: Lyla, Trevor and Ella. I want to thank Hollie very much for the pictures below that she found and which reminded her of Trevor and Joy and I also want to thank her for all of the kind words she said about Trevor and Joy. I have so much more fanart to post and I can't wait to do so.

The four main characters: Ella, Brett, Trevor and Joy are very near and dear to my heart and most everything that has happened in this story so far has happened to either me or someone in my life. I know Ella, Brett, Trevor and Joy. I know a Lyla and a Monty and Corey. I know all of these characters and I am trying to write them in a way where you know them too. I am trying to have them talk realistically and act in such a way where readers can see themselves in those characters. I love this story and I am glad so many other people are enjoying and loving it as well.

Who is your favorite character from The Prettiest Thing? Why do you like them the most? Who is your least favorite character and why? Let me know in the comments section. I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say.

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The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Two

As I promised, chapter twenty-two of The Prettiest Thing has been posted on so check it out for me and thank you to everyone who reviewed chapter twenty-one for me. That definitely was not a popular chapter of the story amongst readers but I really appreciate the feedback I got on it. Please give me feedback on this new chapter. Below, are pictures of Rick and Afton Benson, Joy's parents, who are finally mentioned and a picture of Joy. In chapter twenty-three, Lyla and Andy make their story return as well as more interaction with Brett, Alex and Joanna and Joy's decision. Thank you for reading and reviewing.




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My Thoughts

I hate writing these kinds of posts but I have to say how I feel. I was so proud of myself for chapter twenty-one. I thought it was one of the best written chapters of any of my stories on I was so excited to post it and have everyone read it. But this chapter, as well as the past couple, have been less than popular with readers. I have had literally hundreds and hundreds of hits for chapter twenty-one and ten reviews. To go from twenty-five to thirty reviews to ten, that is a big drop and I don't know why I am not getting people hitting that review button at the end of the chapter. I know I have a lot of reviews for The Prettiest Thing but those were from the beginning chapters. Now, it seems as if people could care less about this story. They'll read it but they won't let me know what they love or hate about it. It actually hurts my feelings a bit. I put so much effort and time into this story. I was worried that making this story as long as I planned would cause people to lose interest because my writing would falter. If it is, all I ask is that you tell me. If the story sucks, tell me. If it is good, tell me. Please. I am sorry if this story is not going in the way you wanted it to go but this is about high school and in high school, things like this are dealt with on a daily basis. To everyone who has reviewed, thank you a million times.

Below is a picture of Ella's tattoo that she will get in chapter twenty-two, which I am writing right now. This tattoo is not mine. I found it online and it was exactly what I imagined for Ella's tattoo in the exact same position I wanted it in. Be on the look out for chapter twenty-two. I hope to have it posted sometime this weekend. Thank you to everyone. I appreciate the support I am getting for this story from some of you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter twenty-one of The Prettiest Thing, much like the title of this post suggests, is posted on so please read, review and let me know what you think. This chapter is heavy with Ella and Trevor. Ella is finally breaking free of her old self and eager to try new things and Trevor is dealing with his and Joy's issue. This is not a pro-choice or pro-life story. This is not a pro-religion or anti-religion story. This is a story about the decisions we are faced with when we reach that stage between high school and admitting to ourselves that we're becoming adults. It is a story about how sometimes, we make plans and things don't always go as planned. Please read and review. I love this chapter. I really do. I am proud of it and I hope everyone, or almost everyone, likes it. Below is a picture of Dr. Pierce, who is introduced in this chapter. Thank you in advance for your reviews and opinions.

Dr. Pierce

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Hard to Concentrate

How is everyone this wonderful Wednesday night? Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed chapter twenty of The Prettiest Thing for me. I put so much of my time and effort into every chapter I write and all I ask is for people to hit that review button when they are done reading. It means the world to me and I love to hear what everyone thinks of my story. I hope when you read chapter twenty, you were able to see Joy and Trevor's complete shock and fear. I know I was repeating several things like how they were eighteen-years-old and how the pill had one job to do but I wanted to show that they were having the same reactions to what was happening and how they weren't thinking exactly clearly while this was going on. I hope I was able to get that across in the chapter. Also, remember that I already know exactly how this story is going to end and what directions it must take to get there.

Thank you to HMC for the black and white picture of Brett and Ella and thank you to Danielle for the picture of Joy and Trevor. I love every picture I get and I try to post as many as I can. Also, I know that the music isn't exactly a popular feature on this blog but I posted Joy and Trevor's song "Hard to Concentrate" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Give it a listen and pay attention to the lyrics. Let me know what you think of chapter twenty, of the song and of the pictures. Thank you to everyone in advance.

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The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty

Wow. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Brett VS. Monty. I was not expecting that many responses and some of you are definitely passionate about who Ella should wind up with at the end of this story. I loved reading all of your comments and thank you for getting so much into this story. I just posted chapter twenty of The Prettiest Thing on so read, review and let me know what you think. The characters are about to go down very different paths and I am excited to write all about it. Thank you to Lauren for the art she made of Brett, Ella, Joy and Trevor below. I absolutely love them, Lauren. And thank you to everyone in advance for reviewing chapter twenty for me. I hope everyone likes it.