Saturday, April 14, 2007

Brady and Ali

Of course I can post pictures of Brady and Ali. As requested, here are pictures of Brady Reed and Ali Kurkova from Something Pretty. If there are any more requests for character pictures, please let me know but I must warn you. I do not have pictures for all of my characters. For instance, I do not have pictures of Justin Aldridge and Poppy Sheppard from Wonderwall and Even After All so I can't post those anytime soon. But if you are interested in seeing any other of my characters, let me know and I will try my best to find a model/actor that embodies them.




SFC Omicron said...

Hmm, since you're offering...

I'd like to see how you envision Cecilia and Abe. Those two really had me hooked on their story, and I'd like to see how you see them, just so I can get a better picture of how they'd actually look.

Thanx, hon, and once you have pictures of Justin and Poppy, you WILL have them posted! Devoted fans of your work, myself included, will want to see the couple that has entranced us and compelled us to read more!

Racheal said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of Brady and Ali. also im really looking forward to the next chapter of Reed and Cami's story

Anonymous said...

could you please put up pictures of holden and sarah if you have them i think their stories great! Thnks

Anonymous said...

Brady is so handsome enough said, haha.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic picture !! Brady is really handsome !! ^^

I would love to see your pictures of Olivia and Ben from More than Anyone, coz it's definitely my favorite story !! (then it's Something Pretty ^^)