Saturday, April 21, 2007

Meg and Andy

Here are pictures of Meg Cohen and Andy Lisbon from Blood and Honey and Circle Park by request. Remember that if there are any characters you are interested in seeing, just let me know and I will be happy to post them if I can find appropriate pictures. I know someone requested pictures of Casey Reed and Amelia Aldridge from Some Kind of Wonderful but I am hesitant to find those pictures because I already posted pictures of their parents and I'm not sure if I can find actors/models that would look believably like their offspring.




Anonymous said...

As always they look beautiful !!! lol I had forgotten that story but now I'd be very pleased if we could have pictures of Riley & Samantha from "Skating By"!!!
Thank you very much for your stories and that blog !!!! ^^

bulma-veggie (France)

maica said...

meg is absolutely stunning and andy isn't too bad either ;3 you always come up with the best pictures that never disappoint =] the way you desribe your characters, always give us a mental image that matches the picutres perfectly ~! =]