Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chapter Eight

Chapter eight of Beyond the Grey Sky was posted this afternoon and I would like to thank all of you who have read the story and an even bigger thanks goes to those who have left reviews. It means so much to me to post my stories and to have people read and enjoy them - at least, I hope they are being enjoyed. I have the entire story roughly drafted out in my head and I know what will be happening and I have an idea for an ending already so hopefully, it will all go smoothly from my mind down to paper.

And also, another thanks must go to the people who have shown an interest in this blog. I know there's no real point to it but I wanted to set it up for one reason. I am a visual writer. I need to see the things I imagine in one form or another. So really, posting the pictures of my characters benefits me as I hope it does you. The characters I envision in my head are obviously not exactly like the pictures of actors and models I post but it does help me write. And I hope you like the visual aids as well.

As for my next story, I'm not sure where all of this energy is coming from but after such a long hiatus of not writing, it seems that I can't stop myself. I know many of you want to read about Ryan Reed next from Blood and Honey and Another Day but I'm not entirely certain whether or not he will be the focus of my next story. I've been throwing around a couple different plot ideas for Ryan's story and none have satisifed me completely so until I have a solid idea I'm pleased with, no story with Ryan will be posted. I don't want to post something mediocre. You, my readers, do not deserve mediocrity. But I promise that when I do have a solid story idea in my head that I'm pleased and satisfied with, Ryan's story will be posted.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I read your stories on AFF and I must say that I am hooked! I never know what is up your sleeve next. I think would make an interesting story would be a Charlotte Reed story when you have the time. Update soon because I love your stories.