Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wonderland Update

I hope to have the second chapter of Wonderland up by tonight and after writing this chapter, I might change the name of the story but I'm still undecided about that yet. After posting the first chapter, I was expecting more people to like it since everyone seemed to be wanting this story but oh well. I love the story already. It's different than my other ones and I'm excited to see what everyone's reactions to it will be. Thank you so much to those that read and reviewed the first chapter. If you know me, then you know that I get slightly panicked when I get the feeling that people aren't enjoying my writings. I admit it. I just love getting reviews and reading what people think so far of my stories. I already have so many ideas for this story so I need to sit down and map it out clearly. I think Ryan just might be one of my favorites characters to write.

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Anonymous said...

i know that you cant give too much away from the stories but is this one going to be like the reed and cami one where it ends before it really starts?