Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So, Circle Park is almost done. I know. It seems short but really, it is just as long as some of my previous stories. I am working on the eighth chapter as we speak, almost finishing it, and it should be posted sometime this evening. I'm averaging about ten reviews a chapter and I find that absolutely fantastic. Thank you to all of those who have reviewed. Once this story is complete, I will continue with The Prettiest Thing since the interest in that seems to be great as well. For some reason, I am contemplating a story that follows Tyson Reed, Ryan's younger brother. Since he is fifteen in Circle Park, if I do pursue a story with him, it will take place when he is a bit older. I'm not sure though. This is just something that I've started thinking about as I've been writing the last couple of chapters for this current story. Let me know what you all think. I really think that Tyson could be a very interesting character.


Racheal said...

i really like tyaons chracter you should definatly do a story on him, and the actor/model is so gorgeous. but definatly finish the prettiest thing first that looks brilliant.

jcc said...

I really like Tyson’s character too. I think the whole brooding thing he has going on is kind of appealing in a way. So if you decide to write a story about him in the future I will definitely read it, but that is up to you.

twinklingdee said...

I like that idea. I like that he has that whole 'angry bad boy' persona... and I can't wait to see what girl cracks through that exterior! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like Tyson , I see him as a next "boxing champion" every time you wrote about his fights and behavior, lol !! So I would be happy to hear what will happen to him in the future!!

Fantastic chapter 8 of Circle park by the way!! =D

bulma-veggie (France)