Friday, April 6, 2007

Chapter Six

Chapter Six for Beyond the Grey Sky has been posted on AFF and at the end of the chapter, Reed and Cami make a bet so to speak. If Reed gets above a 'C' on his next history test, Cami has to go out on a date with him. If he gets below a 'C', he has to give up drinking alcohol until after the final exam. I already know what is going to happen since the story is pretty much plotted out in my head but I am curious. What do you want to read? A date between the two or Reed finally sobering up? Let me know. I would love to see what the majority wants to happen.


Anonymous said...

I am torn. I want him to better than a C, he needs to know that he can do it. I think that if he's given the right reason he'll give drinking up on his own, without a bet.


Tif said...

I think that he should get above a C, anything less and he'll just go into a downward spiral thinking he isnt worth anything. He needs to know he is and I think a date with Cami with spice things up and make him see things a lil clearer, the more time with a level headed intelligent girl and hopefully the more he'll learn

twinklingdee said...

I agree that he should get better than a C. I think if he and Cami go on a date and eventually end up actually liking each other, he'll find the reason to give up drinking in her. :)

SFC Omicron said...

It really doesn't matter either way. What will matter is how the loser will accept the consequences of the challenge, and how the winner will act. Say, if Reed wins the challenge, will he be smug about it? Will Cami try and back out? On the other hand, if Cami wins, will Reed try to hide drinking? Will Cami keep on him about it? Will she dare to ask any of his friends to make sure he keeps his word?

Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm not exactly sure which outcome I want. I guess what really matters to me is how it's written. And even if he wins the challenge, I have a feeling that he may cool it a bit with the drinking anyway, and that his sisters may have something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm think a C-, is there any wiggle room in the contract for that. Then they both have to honor the contract. No drinking and a date! I'm such a sap, I feel like I know your characters (a testament to how well written they are) and I would hate for him to keep drinking his future away, plus I want him to know he can pass the test. And of course I want to see the date. I guess overall I want him to get the C or better. And get this relationship rolling.I'm sure everything will fall into place from there right, when you are happy you don't have to seek false happiness in a bottle. I can't wait to see what you decided, whatever it is I know you will write it well and once I read it I would never be able to imagine it differently. (Does that make any sense?)

Shanna aka Devious622