Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am taking the advice of some of my wonderful readers and am waiting for inspiration to slam into me like a brick wall. I have been enjoying my weekend, going to a museum on Saturday and having a cookout today. My brain is slowly relaxing and hopefully, when I update, it will be the best update ever. Okay. It probably won't be but I am started to feel less stressed already so that is an excellent thing. I hope everyone is having a good weekend as well. Below, I have posted some random pictures I found that have reminded me of some of my stories. Flickr is my newest obsession website and I am constantly on there, surfing through all of the pictures. Let me know if you like the pictures below and agree with who they remind me of.

Joy and Trevor

Brady and Ali

Brett and Ella


naoise said...

Those pictures are adorable and the couples match the pictures brilliantly. The one of Brett & Ella is so cute!

I'm glad to hear you're taking it easy.


girlfixer said...

I love the Brett and Ella picture! :]

Sounds like you're having a good weekend, glad you're relaxing, and not stressing about updates and whatnot. I'm enjoying the weekend before I have to start work on my essay tomorrow :[ boo.


Anonymous said...

These are great. I'm happy that your feeling better and waiting for some inspiration to hit you! I like the pictures. The picture that reminded you of Brady and Ali also sort of reminded me of Abe and Cecilia. I love them! The Trevor and Joy picture is adorable as well.

curly0406 said...

I love the pics, they are all great! My fave was of Brett and Ella! I'm glad you are relaxing. Can't wait to see what your inspiration brings!

littlewiseone said...

I'm happy you took our advice, but I have to say Chapter 5 of TNT was awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am sure whatever you will be updating will be super awesome!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I'm glad you had a good weekend. You sound relax, happy, and I appreciate you letting us know you're just taking a well needed break. I had work all weekend:( I love those pictures and I could picture all of those three couples in them. Haha, Brady looking cool in shades and having a cigarette hanging from his lips, perfect.


Tif said...

Okay so since your taking a much needed break I went back to some of your earlier stories you posted. I started reading your work around Casey/Amelia time so I had never really read about their parents or their friends parents. I for some reason picked Brady and Ali, I think it was the picture you posted for them on Sunday, but it was honestly an amazing story. I don't know why i hadnt every read it before. I still have two left I think I havent read but Im waiting on those until I have time to just sit and read through them. I hate not being able to finish a story once I start if its there to finish.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!!

Sorry I've been away for a week or so - lots of work and STUFF with a Capital S. I am back for the time being and I see a lot has happened with your stories/writing while I've been away.

First, I am so glad that you took this last weekend to get out and be with family and friends and just relax - I am sure that it was very needed and enjoyed.

I really want to encourage you about your writing. I think that you can often get too focused on what you don't like about your wrting that you forget that these stories which you are craftng are real, unique, and well loved. Some of your characters have become as real and memorable for me as my all time favorite novels written by well-known, famous authors. You certainly have a GIFT and I am glad to have found you and to have read your stories.

Here is some advice and you are under NO obligation to write in any particular order or method - you post your wonderful stories for free and so do as you like. :-)

All that being said it is true that a trade mark of almost all successful authors is that they usually do not start a new book/story before they have finished the last one. I have just noticed that your writing style is stronger and the characters more vivid when you write them exclusively to any other story and then move on as you finish. One author remarked that her novels were like love affairs and that she would feel like she was cheating on her characters if she began a new project before giving them their closure and a happily-ever-after.

You have a strong talent and that is the only advice I can give at this moment. IF you focus all of your considerable creative talent on one couple and one story I have NO doubt whatsoever that whatever you write will be gold. When you spread yourself too thin there is less "magic" to go around and this could account for the "blah" you (and only you) have been noticing in your writing.

I hope you hear what I am trying to say. I love your writing, I am proud to be your fan, and I want to encourage you and offer advice when you are down. Please don't get discouraged. If any of this helps, take it and use it - otherwise what is not helpful discard and write however you choose. I will support you no matter what.

Sorry this was so long, I hope it made sense. I am anxiously awaiting your next update! Take care!

Your fan,