Monday, June 16, 2008


It took me about two hours to write this so I hope it turned out alright. Battle is now posted on so please read and review it for me. You DO NOT need an account to review on that site. The one-shot follows Devon Hensley and Grace Sawyer from my previous stories Seven Minutes in Heaven and Strange Conditions and though this one has a bit more angst, I think it showed the characters developing naturally. At least, I hope it does. Please let me know what you think. Thank you and have a good night. I need to get some sleep now.




Jen said...

This was a good continuation of their story. Hopefully this won't be hidden among all the stuff on fictionpress and more people will find your stories.

One thing I've noticed about your fictionpress stories is that many of them seem to end without an ending, so they have an unfinished feel. (at least the two parters) At least with this one it is part of a series of one-shots that will likely have more added to it in time.


Anonymous said...

Nice one shot ! I love those cute characters, with them we can also have "non-complicated stories" (that's not a critic only a fact ^^), it's short, looks real and honest, I never thought something this bad might have happened to them, I hope they will make it through in the possible sequels XD

Anonymous said...

I was not able to locate it in the fictionpress...can u send the url? pls.

jean annette