Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Nicest Thing - Chapter Four

Chapter four of The Nicest Thing is now on AFF.net so please, everyone do me the favor of reading it and reviewing it for me. I hope everyone enjoys it. Thank you to Lauren for the fanart of Corey below. I hope everyone is having a good week so far.


girlfixer said...

Thank you for providing the escapism I desperately need these days. Your stories honestly do cheer me up, immensely.

Hope you're well.


Amanda said...

I really love the chapter. Ella and Brent are soo cute together, I would love to see more of them. But I notice Ella may be on to something with Kyle. There is alot more than meets the eye right now and I cannot wait to read what that is. Great job once again Kate.

Jen said...

Great chapter. I loved that we got a glimpse into Brett and Ella's life together.

What I'm most intrigued by is what about Kyle makes Corey revert back to the heartbroken teenage girl instead of the strong woman she is supposed to be? I look forward to these two actually talking... Hopefully we'll get to see that sometime soon.

Do you know how long you're planning on making this one?


Chez said...

two simple words


what more can i say?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I hope your week is going great. I don't know if you've ever heard of Randy Pausch if you have great. If you haven't you should download his last lecture or when he was on Oprah. He is such an inspirational person and I wanted to share with you or anyone else who reads this comment his message. It gives hope.


littlewiseone said...

Still love Ella and Brett. Thanks for the update and the explanation of how he got into the business.

I love how you could just feel the friendship in this chapter. The 3 way phone call is classic.

We all do stupid things, and there is always that one person that makes you revert. If you don't know what I mean you haven't met that person yet, or they haven't pushed your buttons so it comes to light yet. But keep living and you will surly see it come to past. When it does think of Corey.

Anonymous said...

I'm finishing my very last exam tommorow so i've missed out on a lot, since the end of TPT I think! I'm so glad you've done a follow up on Kyle & Corey i've always loved them so i'm looking forward to seeing where their relationship all goes.

So after i've done my last exam & slept for a week i'll catch up on everything & review properly then ;)

L x

Anonymous said...

Sorry couldn't review before ^^"
Love to see Brett and Ella again, they are very cute together !!!

Love how Corey forgot everything her best friend and twin told her, about not making any mistakes and just fell in the arms of her first love !

naoise said...

Aw Brett and Ella are adorable!


Great job Kate.