Thursday, June 19, 2008


Everything about my stories has sucked lately. I hated how Battle with Devon and Grace turned out and everyone hated The Potential of You and Me so I took it down to work on a rewrite. I don't know what is wrong with me lately but everything coming out of me has been shit. I am working on the next chapter of The Nicest Thing but it is taking me forever and I hope that it turns out alright when it is finished. I think I want to post A Slow Burn on but I don't know if people will like it there since it isn't about high school. I have no idea what is wrong with me lately. I hope this doesn't last long and I go back to writing at least decent stuff again.


Anonymous said...

Don't do this to yourself, I just read "the potential..." and it's great, even though it's not one of your best, if people dosn't review it may just be a lack of time, it doesn't mean they hate it, I read Battle and OK I was sad for that couple but I loved it anyway.

If you think there weren't good, then OK try to arrange them but don't hurt yourself on no evidence that people hate them.

littlewiseone said...

1st I missed Battle, nit I missed The Potential of You and Me. I will admit since the summer started and I;m having better days I have had spring fever. It had been hard to keep me in the house. The only time I have even seen a computer is at work, and the sites are blocked there. I'm sorry I haven't been reading and reviewing like I should. I say should because I'm a huge fan and I always want to support the artist I like. You are an artist to me. The way you put a story together is life artwork. All artist feel uninspired from time to time to time but don't let it get you down. I know that with a lot of persistence you are going to be a published author, when you hit big time the pressure will really be one. Maybe it would be goo for you to take a break. Take the kids out today and enjoy the sun and heat. Look at all the couple out enjoying spring fever. I'm sure just a little people watching will kick you into high ear again. Man I have been seeing a lot of couples lately.
On a good note I'm going to Chicago this weekend!
I'm very happy about this, and as I planned my trip back I thought of you, Brett and Ella. (lol) yes I think of them like real people.
Go have some fun today. . . get inspired. . . don't think about writing today. . . then when you post your next story please don't take it down until I get a chance to read it! (smile)

Anonymous said...

I think you are way too hard on yourself I managed to read both of them before you took them down & I liked them both.

With TPT it had along build up so you picked up readers along the way at least give yourself a chance!

I for one love The Nicest Thing & A Slow Burn they're completely different but in such a good way! Sometimes on I get a bit overwhelmed because there is so much being written all of the time that I keep finding myself losing stories!

I hope you're not getting to down about this you're a really talented writer & if you think your going through a dry spell ( I don't) then maybe take a break you're probably overworking yourself!

Look after yourself.

L x

Anonymous said...

I liked the story, however not the one between grace and devon because i thought that would be a happy one! however i like the way that you change your style! dont stop because some bad reviews or something.

Anonymous said...

I love your stories. Although I can't read your Fictionpress stories, my laptop doesn't load the site. But the most important thing is that you are happy with your stories.


Anonymous said...

It's okay. Everyone is allowed to get in a slump sometimes. I'm sure you'll get out of it soon. It doesn't last forever! Don't be down on yourself. I missed Battle and The Potential of Me and You, so I'm sorry for not getting to read those. Also, in my opinion, I wouldn't put A Slow Burn on fictionpress. It's too sexually explicite. I think it's perfect for adultfanfiction.
So, we will all wait for this slump to pass, and don't beat yourself up. It will pass soon. Until then, I will just read all of your other story for a 3rd time! haha. I LOVE THEM!!

Hina said... took it down! I was just finished with the first part and was starting to like it but then I hit the "next" button and there was nothing.

I didn't like the beginning of "Potential" like I did with Ghetto Gospel. I liked how Preston dropped out of school so he could support his family with his money instead of dropping out of school to figure out what he wanted to do in life. When you took it down, I was a little upset but I knew that you would be able to write it better--you always improve with your writing!

I didn't get a chance to read the second part of "Potential" but I could tell that it was getting really good and I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is.

As for "Battle," I didn't get a chance to read it, so I don't know how that one turned out.

I don't think any of your writing can be considered "crap" to me because you do write so well and there are so many different stories that you can tell but you can never please everybody. The only thing you can do is to please yourself.

I hope you never give up because no matter what everybody thinks or says, your writing is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Stop pressuring yourself, seriously. You're going to drive yourself crazy. Let that creativity come to you until it boils. I agree with bulma-veggie, littlewiseone, L x, the two anonymous people, Michelle and hina. I say go out enjoy a walk in the park, a little movie night with your husband, or play with your kids. I don't think people are spending their time on the computer like during the fall so reviews will be less than usual.

To be honest I don't remember what I read from "Potential of You and Me" because I was so tired. Then when I just woke up like now there is no story to read. That's okay. If you're not happy with your stories then your not.

By the way I just notice that random quote of the day thing. I find the quote bizarre but funny. That kind of made my day. Cheer up Kate. If I lived near you I would invite you over for tea:) Anyways have a good chill day or at least try.


Jen said...

I read Battle, and I didn't think it was as bad as you made it out to be. I thought it was a nice progression in their story that would be continued somewhere down the road.

I've been studying all week for my certification exam so I didn't get a chance to read The Potential of You and Me. And I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think it was either.

One problem you have to keep in mind is that you are posting those stories on fictionpress, a site that is so inundated with stories you are lucky if yours stays on the first page for an hour. It is so easy for good stories to get lost in the shuffle over there. So basically if people don't check your blog, they will probably miss whatever you have posted. I know that I don't really have the patience to sift through the hundreds of pages of stories to find the gold over there.

So, in conclusion to this ridiculously long are too hard on yourself. Take a break, do something fun. If you think you need to take a step back from writing, do it. We will all miss you because you've spoiled us over the last couple of months with endless stories and updates. But we will live if you choose to take some time to organize all the ideas in your head (I can't even imagine how you focus all your ideas as it is...) before your next post.


littlewiseone said...

Wow, I should have proofread my post. Sorry, but I think you can still get the gist of it.