Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fair Warning

Here is a warning to everyone though I'm sure people still won't read this post and question me about it. Tomorrow night, The Prettiest Thing WILL BE TAKEN DOWN FROM AFF.NET!!! I am in the process of editing it and I hope to send it out to be published by someone. Hopefully, someone will want to publish it. In order to do so though, I have to take it down from public sites therefore, after tomorrow night, it will be gone from the internet. This is an advanced warning if anyone wants to read it one more time.

Also, does anyone know of a publishing company or literary agency that will help me in this process? Please let me know if you do. Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

AHH! THAT IS SO EXCITING! I'm praying that some one will publish it. They'd be an idiot if they didn't! I hope to see it on the selve of Barnes & Noble one day in the future. And then I can tell everyone that I know about it n=and how wonderful it is. I wish you all the luck in the world. I can see if there's a publisher my friends knows, she's got connections. I'll let you know!

GirlFixer said...

Someone told me about this website:

I don't know if that's much help, but I thought I'd mention it anyhoo :]

I'd love to have The Prettiest Thing as an actual book! Oooh, I wonder what the cover would be like...


littlewiseone said...

I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU. I THINK THIS IS AWESOME NEWS! I'm going to ask a friend where you should send it because I know she knows. I'm so happy for you. This is a huge step.

Jen said...

Good luck with the publishing endeavor. It can't be easy to put yourself out there, but I applaud you for trying it.

A little advice while you're editing:
To make it more marketable I would take out a lot of the pop culture references. It tends to date the material. It's a fine line to walk as far as when to include movie and song references. You can usually get away with "classics" in both film and music though.

And I would also probably cut the Corey/Kyle relationship. (even though I love them) Mainly because I think this story would probably work best in the young adult genre, and that relationship pushes the envelope a bit too much for that genre. Also it doesn't really add to the main storyline.

Please don't take offense by my suggestions. I really enjoyed TPT and hope nothing but the best for you in getting it published.


Anonymous said...

Aw that's really good! I'm glad you're going to try & get it published don't see how anyone would turn that story down!

I was actually just reading the last few chapters that I missed because of exams & then it was gone so I guess my time change was way off i'm never good at that! I'm sure they were brilliant though sorry I never got to review properly!

Good luck with everything.

L x

Jas said...

they are really big (they work with the lady who wrote twilight) and i am trying to send out my stuff to them as well, also get the book called writers marker 2008, it is very helpful and has alot of publishes names and how to contract them.
i hope to see your books in the stores soon.

book tours here you come!

Anonymous said...

S***, as I'm in France the time isn't the same (obviously ^^") so I thought the limit was tomorow that is tuesday for me , but I just realize that you wrote it during your sunday (my monday^^")so the change was in the same day for me .... Am I logic? loool well no problem, good luck for your research XD

Anonymous said...

Last message was from me ^^"

Anonymous said...

Same "problem" as Bulma-Veggie (I'm in France too). Well, I have the story in my mind, that's the most important. I hope to read it someday in a book.
Why don't you send your writing to some publishing companies you have selected ?
I think it's quite important to know what the publishing company usually publish and if you feel like "home" if you work with them.
I don't live in America but I'm sure that there is a lot of publishing companies, maybe there are some who publish especially love stories and young authors.


Anonymous said...

Wow good luck but if someone doesn't publish it they really are idiots. I don't live in America either so I don't know any publishing companies.

Good luck :]

Stephanie said...

you should try 2008 guide to literary agents. it gives you all the way you can contact an agent and what genre they are in. helps to have an agent first and you don't have to pay to get them to query your work.