Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ghetto Gospel Rewrite

Good morning, everyone. I took Battle down from Fictionpress. I was reading it over this morning and I realized just how quickly I wrote it last night and it definitely wasn't my best. I am going to work on it before I post it again. I am also working on the next chapter of The Nicest Thing and I am also working on a Ghetto Gospel rewrite though it will be turned into a long one-shot and posted on Fictionpress. It is also going to have a different title and a different plot but the main story of Jane and Preston falling in love and an examination of race will still be there. Jane and Preston were two of my favorite characters and I missed them. I didn't feel that Ghetto Gospel was the best story for them so that is why I am working on a rewrite.




littlewiseone said...

I was just going to read Battle and it is gone. That was going to be my morning break, but you have to make sure you are putting you best work forward especially since you are soon to be a published author. (I think you are your own
harshest critic)

GirlFixer said...

Aww, I read that you'd posted the new Devon and Grace story, and I thought, "I'll read it after I've done my coursework," but it's gone! :'[

But you shouldn't post work you're not 100% happy with, so I'll just have to wait patiently :D