Friday, June 6, 2008

The Nicest Thing - Chapter Two

I can't sleep and when I can't sleep, I write. I just finished and posted chapter two of The Nicest Thing on AFF and though I know a lot of you could care less for this story, I know that some are already really enjoying it so please read it and review it for me. I am really enjoying writing from both Corey and Kyle's perspective. Corey remembers their last time together perfectly while Kyle remembers the first time they met perfectly. I am excited to write their first run-in after the two years they have been apart. There is an attraction between the two that I love writing about and hopefully, some of you like reading. Below are pictures of Ash, Corey's older next door neighbor, and of Sean and Brooke Colfax, Kyle's parents. Both the Carcetti and the Colfax families will be explored in later chapters. I am going to try and get some sleep now. Please enjoy.





Jen said...

It was kind of an odd transition from the Corey part into the Kyle part. (Don't know why) Despite that, the story is starting to reel me in. I liked Kyle's memories of his past with didn't feel like a rehash of TPT like the first chapter did.

The Corey stuff was good, but Kyle's part was gold. I think once Corey gets her political job or has more going on she will become a lot more interesting. She doesn't have the same fire and depth yet that she had in TPT, but I expect that will change shortly. There was definitely more depth and insight into Kyle that we didn't get to see in TPT. (And rightly so, since he was not a primary or really even a secondary character there...)

I look forward to the first meeting between Corey and Kyle and their reactions. There are so many possibilities for these two. I'm sure as the story goes on I will get pulled in more and more.

So good job on this chapter, and I look forward to the next update.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

For the past four days I've been busy working in the hospital. I could never get sick of you or reading your stories and don't ever say that again. My reviews may be a bit late sometimes but never fear that I won't ever put my two cents in for a review.

Wow, another story up and it's about Corey. Yea, I think she deserve a story of her own. I am going to be honest and say that I don't like Kyle that much because of his comment to Corey after he slept with Cassidy. Guess what? I live only an hour away from Washington D.C. I think I just revealed were I live but who cares you deserve to know since I've been your fan since forever. Georgetown is pretty much for the rich and preppy and I like D.C. for the museums, artsy fartsy places, foreign movie showings, etc. I live in a redneck town though. I know nothing to brag about.

I'm going to sleep for awhile and then when I wake up if I wake up I'll review both chapters for you and because you deserve them. Yep, sleep sounds so good right now. By the way that picture of that baby is so adorable. I don't even know if I made sense since my brain is so fuzzy right now.


littlewiseone said...

I really liked this chapter. I know how it feels to have another person totally occupy your mind when you don't want them too and I feel you are doing an excellent job in conveying that. I never really liked Kyle but you are starting to pull me to his character good job. I know you have to make me like him at least a little so I will want him back with Corey, and you are doing an excellent job. I feel a little sorry for him, like he was misunderstood, and he used sex as a means of comfort. . . . I'm about to start rambling so I will wrap this up. Great chapter, can't wait for the next one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate - Happy Weekend!

I have always liked Kyle. He seemed like one of those fun loving kids who was never serious or who never allowed himself to be "real" and then Corey came along and suddenly his relationship with her began to feel serious and he messed up... BIG time. The beauty of Kyle is that he knew it almost right away and then didn't know how to fix it or how to repair what he had lost. I think it forced him to grow up and man up quicker then most guys his age.

So I was not suprised to read that he loves Corey - someone who had stuck around for so long despite being told often by his "girlfriend" that she hates him had to have deep, strong feelings for her. I can't wait to read more about Kyle and I truthfully loved reading part of this chapter from his perspective and I hope you write more chapters like that!

Corey is hard for me to get a read on right now. She seems unhappy with her life even though she is where she always wanted to be (trust me I can relate!) but she is also much more insecure and a lot less confident then she ever seemed to be. It's like as she has grown up and matured she has become more and more cautious with her heart and her emotions, holding herself back. To me it's as if by not forgiving Kyle for hurting her and cheating on her she has kept the pain fresh and allowed it to change the way she interacts with the world around her. I think that forgiving someone enables a person to finally put some of the pain and reserve over a mistake away and focus on the future, something I've always thought Corey needed to do.

Sorry I'm rambeling on and on - I guess you can tell that I like these characters and I really can't wait for more. I am excited to see how their first meeting goes and I am glad we had these chapters to fill in some of the blanks about them and their relationship. Thanks so much Kate! I am off to read and review a Slow Burn. Have a great weekend!