Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I think people are getting confused judging by some reviews and emails I have gotten in regards to The Nicest Thing and I guess I am not a good writer if I am confusing people. I thought that I have covered this but apparently I haven't as well as I thought I did. Corey and Kyle did date in high school. They hooked up on New Year's Eve and though their friends didn't understand it, they did in fact have a relationship. It was only at the end of The Prettiest Thing when during the night of the Prom, Corey realized that she could not stay away from him and they began their "fuck buddy" relationship. I guess this story isn't that great if I have to post blog posts explaining things. I'm sorry. Interest has been down in all of my stories since The Prettiest Thing and I am afraid that maybe I hit my peak and it will all be downhill from now on. I will try to work harder on my stories and make them clearer.


Nhi said...

You are not confusing me at all. I love your stories. Readers inattention to details aren't your fault. I followed along pretty well, so don't be so hard on yourself. Oh...good job on the recent chapter. I use to eat a lot of hot pockets, especially pepperoni. :D

Jen said...

I thought you made their relationship plenty clear. I don't think there is any cause for confusion with what you have written so far.

I'm just intrigued by their whole relationship. Corey is a rational, strong woman most of the time, then Kyle comes into the picture and all that goes out the window. Kyle didn't realize his mistake with her until she had emotionally cut herself off from him. But instead of actually talking to her, he just continued with the unfulfilling "no strings" relationship when they both really wanted more.

Sorry for the rant. But back to the point of this, I don't see where any of the confusion comes in. I think you've made everything pretty clear...

And I wouldn't worry about people getting tired of your stories. I think a lot of it has to do with school ending, and typical beginning of the summer stuff. I konw that I as well as several others look forward to any and all updates that you write.


littlewiseone said...

Well I wasn't confused at all. I follow perfectly I think the people who have questions 1. Did not read TPT, or 2. because that story wasn't really about Corey, and we all feel in love with Brett, Ella, Trevor, and Joy, felt sorry for Lyla and Andy, and wanted to punch Monty, and the fact that Corey being angry at Kyle and wanting a strictly sexual relationship is how TPT ended. . . . they breezed over the fact that she and Kyle did date briefly and it was her 1st real relationship and he somehow got stuck on stupid and sleep with Brett's ex at one of his famous parties, which was the same party Brett was super drunk at and Ella left him there. Lots of drama those 2 chapters. It's easy to forget small details like that unless you are a superfan like me.

Don't take it to heart.
I personally love your stories, and I know you are a great writer.

michelle said...

Are you kidding? You're writing isn't that good?

Well, the people who were confused probably didn't pay attention to some of the chapters in The Prettiest Thing. It was quite clear to me that Corey and Kyle had that 'relationship' in high school. Please don't doubt your writing! It is amazing. And judging by how many readers and fans you have, I wouldn't say that there was a loss of interest in your stories. And even if there are, it's only the beginning of the story. People may be just getting familiar with all of the characters and their relationships. And besides, there's only 4 chapters up, so the story is brand new. I think it will be just fine.

I know that I love it though, and I'm a huge fan of your writing. And as a writer, you're always going to have people who aren't fans and don't understand your work. But then, you'll have crazy people like me who fall in love with the characters! haha!

I hope you don't doubt your writing. Some people are stupid and ask stupid questions. Don't beat yourself up! You're brilliant! Your stories are WONDERFUL, and I don't even know how you came up with them!

So, I'll stop rambling now. I just can't tell you how much I love your stories. And I want more, so please post more ASAP! I check your blog everyday, so I hope there's another one soon. Please?


Caryn said...

Your stories are amazing and definitely NOT confusing. People just arent paying enough attention when they read!

I cant wait for more of any of the stories going on right now!

Anonymous said...

your stories are not at all confusing. if your readership is down, it may be because you are truly challenging your (perhaps younger?) readers.

your stories are straight-forward and clear. do not doubt your writing ability. i am new to your fandom and have seen such a wonderful and mature shift in your writing. as a writer, the last thing you would want is to become stagnant. keep up the good work. you may lose fans but you will gain new ones (like me!).

looking forward to reading your stories on ficpress as well.

anon97 on aff

Amanda said...

Your stories aren't confusing at all. I think you are doing a great job with all of them since The Prettiest Thing, I believe you only gotten better. You are doing a great job Kate and don't doubt yourself, I believe people haven't seen the true peak of what's to come, and I know it's around the courner. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't confused at all! The people who are confused prob didnt pay attention, I have understood everything you have written to date and I am sure I will continue to do so. You are an amazing story and write beautiful and interesting stories. I cant wait for the next chapter!

Tif said...

Ahh I can't believe it, I am one of the crappiest readers who reviews like twice during the entire story. I normally end up reading updates on my iphone in the car while in traffic before or after work and my phone cant really comment. Im gonna try to review after I finish reading. Ill come clock in at work and review because you thinking your stories have lost their audience is crazy. You really havent we're all prolly just lazy and inconsiderate. The Prettiest Thing was by far my favorite of your stories and I didnt say it enough but it really was amazing. If there is one author on all of these fiction sites I go to who should be published, it's you, hands down. I honestly think your stories have always gotten more attention then most of the other authors, not that they arent good too, but your work has meaning and is so easy to relate to. You write real people and it doesnt seem like it's fiction, but like it's happening. So Im going to combine review on your two current stories Ive been reading, The Nicest Thing is not confusing at all, at least not for me, I guess if someone didn't read The Prettiest Thing it might be, but Im loving the Corey and Kyle relationship. Next, A Slow Burn is turning out to be really good. I was worried when they just slept together but I love their chemistry. It shows a different kind of person than you normally write about I think. I loved how sweet and perfect Brett and Ella's time/times together were, but that isn't the case for everyone and you show this with the passion between Rob and Lauren. Well Im reading religiously and Ill try to review more often and not as long lol.

Anonymous said...

YAH, Its true you're not confusing...i just can't wait another chapter to be posted. I even check in through my mobilephone everyday, in case my computer is down...pls...kate another chapter... and i want to encourage you that you are a very good writer...

jean annette