Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Nicest Thing Soundtrack

Music is obviously a huge part of my stories and in The Nicest Thing, the main song, "The Nicest Thing" by Kate Nash is, in my head, Corey's theme and how she felt about Kyle after he hurt her. Well, I thought it was only fair that Kyle has his own song and actually, I found two songs that were absolutely perfect for him. The first one below is "Think Twice" by Eve 6 and the second one is "All Over You" by The Spill Canvas. For the Eve 6 song, please just ignore the fanvid and listen to the song. The ability to post the song's official video was disabled so I had to post the song in a Gossip Girl video. Please have a listen to both of them and let me know which one you like. Thank you.


Anonymous said...


How's your Saturday? I hope it is going good. It's hot and humid here.

Both! I like both songs. I can't choose. They both apply to Kyle. Wow, I'm not a really big fan of Eve 6 but they sound different and good. "Think twice before you touch my girl. Come around I'll let you feel the burn." The stupid fanvid with the sounds was kind of distracting. As for Spill Canvas the lyric says it all.

You've made my day Kate. I love music and the songs you've picked are all great from old to new. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Both songs suit Kyle. Although I think the first one the Eve 6 song suits Kyle and Corey's new boyfriend...I remember you mentioned Corey getting a new boyfriend? And the Spill Canvas one suits Kyle and Corey on their own.

Oh and I didn't really mind the fanvideo of Gossip Girl...I like Chace Crawford :]
I've never heard of Eve 6 so I went and looked up them up and found the video for Think Twice.

Yeah I can't choose either. Both suit at different times.

Hope you have/had a good Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Hm.. I was wondering if you've ever listened to the lyrics of I hate everything about you by Three Days Grace. That song completely reminds me of the first chapter and how Corey wants to hate everything about Kyle but really can't.