Thursday, June 5, 2008


I feel that perhaps people are suffering from a templeton overload. Since I finished The Prettiest Thing, I have been posting a lot of different things - Nothing Else Matters, two chapters of A Slow Burn and the first chapter of The Nicest Thing, Corey and Kyle's story. Perhaps it is too much too soon. I will cut back and give everyone time to read and catch up. I hope to post something this weekend but I might take my time before another update. I would hate to have people get sick of me and my crowding AFF with all of my stories. I hope everyone is having a good week and thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.


Anonymous said...

Psh, your not overloading. haha Its better when you update lots than we can just read and read and read. :D. Can't wait till you update something and I am sorry to hear about someone stealing your work. Frankily its just immature and stupid.

Jen said...

I don't think it is an overload, honestly if it wasn't for your stories would anyone really even bother with AFF?

So update as often or as little as you want. Don't feel that you have to slow down or speed up for any of your readers. If the muse is working for you, I say roll with it, because you never know when she will abandon you...


caryn said...

I check at least 3 times a day to see if you have updated anything!!!

Please dont slow down!

Anonymous said...


I have been very, very busy lately. I am out of town on business, staying in an extended-stay hotel, away from all family and friends and I have two more weeks to go. *sniff* I have been so busy with work (12 hr days) and the internet at the hotel is sketchy at best so I haven't had time to get on and review everything. Sorry about that, I will try and cover everything in one long post...

I am enjoying the Slow Burn story I guess some of by enjoyment of the story is limited because I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Right now they are cute, FUNNY, and enjoyable to read about but I know that you said the story was darker and showed a different side to "love" so I guess I read the story with a sense of dread. Like - "when is something bad going to happen?" But I DO like the story and so far the chracters are great and seem wonderful together.

I reviewed over at AFF for Corey/Kyle's story and I have to tell you that I LOVE it. It is such a great, great idea and I am very glad that you decided to tell their story. I just knew that they had more to tell. I am looking forward to this one more then your others because I think the potential for a truly great story is there between these two and because I already love them even when they make mistakes -like Kyle cheating on Corey and Corey being so mean and hateful to Kyle when he clearly cares about her. I can't wait to see where you take us from here.

Nothing Else Matters is such a great song and I am really excited to see when you write a chapter with one of my favorite couples - such as Olivia/Ben or Casey/Amelia or Poppy/Justin or Ella/Brett - and I could keep going. Basically I am excited about the future of this eclectic story and whoever you decide to write about next!

I think writing what you feel like as it comes to you is a pretty good idea and you do have options with 3 stories going. All of them are good so have fun with it and I will try and do better at reviewing. It might be a few weeks before I am back on here regularly though, life is just crazy busy right now.

Thanks again Kate and take care - enjoy that weekend! ;-)

Amanda said...

You ain't putting out any overload. I think your stories are great and I check at least 5 times a day to see if you updated. For A Slow Burn I was really busy with work to read it but I think it is a great story. Update as much as you want.

Anonymous said...

NO, DON'T STOP! I NEED MORE NOW! I can't wait, I love your stories!

-Michelle (the crazy fan)

Hina said...

I could never suffer from templeton overload...there's no such thing!

The past week, it's true I haven't had as much time to read your stories or your blog, when I do have time, I check probably 5 times a day, maybe more, to see if you have updated!

Never be disappointed by how many reviews you get, because your true fans are always happy to read them (and of course, review them). As long as you enjoy writing, we'll still be here to read your work!