Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Nicest Thing

It is no secret that Corey Carcetti is one of my personal favorite female characters that I have ever created and I know that she is a character that can definitely carry her own story if written well enough.

The Nicest Thing
Corey Carcetti is happy living in Washington D.C. with a good job and good friends. She is even dating a nice guy for the first time. But then Kyle Colfax comes back into her life after not seeing him for years, making her rethink everything she really wants. Some loves, no matter how much we tell ourselves that we don’t want them, never go away.

The story is going to take place about six years after The Prettiest Thing ended so all of our characters are going to be adults and almost every character will be returning for the sequel. It is also going to be focusing on the Carcetti family - a new family I am excited about writing. I am working on the first chapter and hope to have it posted by this weekend. I hope everyone will enjoy it and respond to it as warmly as they did to The Prettiest Thing. If you want to get in the mood, have a listen to "The Nicest Thing" by Kate Nash - the theme song of this story.

And though in The Nicest Thing, Millie Scott is going to be six years old, I saw this picture of this toddler and I had to save it because it is exactly how I imagined Trevor and Joy's daughter. Look at that head of Scott signature dark hair! She is adorable. I am excited about this story and I will let everyone know when it is ready.


michelle said...

AHH! I seriously can not wait! I love Corey too! Will there be any mentioning of the other couples like Brett and Ella? Even if there aren't, I'm sure I will still love it!

Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff!

Corey is not my favourite female character. However, I can tell that the story will be a winner and I look forward to reading every chapter that you write for it!


Nhi said...

I always wanted to know what was going to happen with Corey and Kyle. I am so happy you are going to give them a story. Are you going to write a love story about Monty too?

Anonymous said...

I like that you are going to write a story around Corey. I look forward to the possibility of some type of resolution for Corey and Kyle.

I can't wait to hear what and how all the characters from TPT are doing years after high school.

So are you going to continue writing A Slow Burn as well? I'm really enjoying that one right now. Hopefully the inspiration stays with you for that story as well.


Chez said...

Great to hear you starting yet another story!

I hope it doesn't impact on A Slow Burn too much!

I like this darker side to you story writing!

Anonymous said...

OOh... how exciting! I definitely cannot wait for a story with Corey. But like others have mentioned... I do hope you continue a Slow Burn as well. I'm really enjoying that story!


Amanda said...

I cannot wait to read the squel to the Prettest Thing and have Corey as the main character. I know it is going to be as popular as the first one. I cannot wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this story idea. Its only been a few days and Im already missing the cast of the Prettiest Thing.

I hope you will continue A Slow Burn though. At two chapters its already quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Both stories really interest me and I cant wait to continue reading A slow Burn and start reading TNT. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh exciting. I seriously cannot wait for this. As soon as my exams are over (which is the 20th) I'll be back to read, review etc.

Oh and that baby is so cute. Totally a Scott baby! LOL

I love Corey too, she's so cool!

Oh but I do hope you mention what happens with the other couples particularly Brett & Ella. Maybe they get married? I dunno its your story but I can't wait.

Right back to studying but I'll be back soon


Anonymous said...

I'm really late in responding. I haven't had internet access for a couple weeks, so I haven't been able to read anything. I love the first four chapters of Nicest Thing and I love Corey so I'm really happy that there's a story for her and for all of us to hear about the other characters we all love. I don't always review but I do love all your work.