Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TPT - Chapter Thirty-Five

Wow. This chapter just went on forever and I eventually had to cut it and post the rest of it in the beginning of chapter thirty-six but please read and review chapter thirty-five of The Prettiest Thing for me. For some reason, this chapter took me forever to write and I would really love and appreciate feedback. With this chapter being so long, it really did work out because chapter thirty-six was initially the shortest chapter in the story that just got a little bit longer with the rest of this chapter pouring into it. Please, please, please read and review for me. Thank you!

Also, something on Nothing Else Matters. This story isn't really a story that will be updated constantly. It will just be when I have become inspired and have written another one-shot. As of the moment, I am working on a one shot of Abe and Cecilia from Collide but at the moment, I am finishing up The Prettiest Thing and then starting on my next full-length story A Slow Burn [summary to be posted soon]. I just wanted to give everyone a head's up so they weren't sitting around, always waiting for Nothing Else Matters to be updated. I wanted to thank Bulma-Veggie for giving me the idea of naming the collection of one-shots by that title. She used the Metallica song in her fanvid for Wonderwall and I have always loved that song and thought it would be perfect. So thank you Bulma-Veggie for inspiring me.

Also, thank you to Lauren for the picture below of Andy and Lyla. I love it. Please read and review chapter thirty-five and I am already working on chapter thirty-six. I will be so sad when this story ends.

Ella's Prom Dress


KittyCat86 said...

Hi Kate!
I've just read and reviewed the chapter. Really good.

Looking forward to your new story; I'm sure it's as good as all your others ^_^

Anonymous said...

Great chapter! I'm slightly annoyed at Monty. He really doesn't get that Brett and Ella are together and love each other. I hope that he doesn't cause any more trouble for them. I loved Trevor's attempt to warn Brett. I could just see it.

Poor Lyla. I love her with Andy and I'm not really sure what's going on with her, but I hope that whatever it is, she realizes that Andy loves her and only wants to help. She needs to have a happy ending too because right now she just seems so incredibly sad. Thanks for the update Kate.

Anonymous said...

Okay, what the hell is up with Lyla?

I think it's cute that Joy is trying to plan everything out for the next year, but how will she react when the reality of it all sets in?

I was one of the people who first defended Monty, but now I'm not sure what his game is. And Corey is a trip. I'm glad she hasn't succumbed to Kyle yet.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Great chapter and I am going to be so sad to see this chapter completed. Prehaps somewhere down the road you'll give us a sequel? I could see many possible stories from this host of great characters.

I hope that Lyla is going to get some help before she makes a decision she'll regret due to her depression. I'm sure it must be tough on her family and Andy has to be so confused.

Love that Corey is standing strong and not giving in to Kyle - he SHOULD have to work very hard to get back in her good graces after the things he did. He really messed up and it looks like she may not forgive him - sad, but sometimes thats how it goes.

Have a good night and thanks for the update - it was great! Looking forward to the rest of Prom - is there going to be a lot of tension between Monty and Brett? I was shocked that Monty asked Brett if HE could take Ella to prom, is the man dense? Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant chapter!

Brett & Ella are so cute. I love that she's getting more confident & he's still being so sweet & patient with her! But what's the deal with Monty?!? He actually bugs me so much I HOPE he doesn't ruin prom for them he already ruined New Years.

I know it's so bad but I still want Corey to get back with Kyle he was such a loser though! He needs to work a bit harder I think ;)

Poor Lyla I hope Andy comes straight over when he gets the papers. She needs to open up to someone :(

Trevor & Joy are so cute too like an old married couple can't wait for the baby to come! I know Bretts really stubborn but I think his dad's being a bit insensitive about the whole wedding thing they need to talk too i'm thinking!

Can't wait for the rest of prom & for the last few chapters! Update when you can!

L x

Anonymous said...

Fantasctic, I can't wait to see how it's gonna end for Lyla and Andy and for every characters of course XD
You are of course more than welcome for the song idea, it's a beautiful song !!

littlewiseone said...

Yet another well written chapter. I love they way Brett is being so respectful towards Ella in terms of their sex life. The fact the Trevor doesn't know they have had sex is awesome. I congratulate him on that. I was mad that Corey spilled the beans to Monty. I wonder if the fact that Monty's knows is going to come out soon. Then Brett will really have a reason to get him good. I know it is not right but I'm looking forward to the day Brett just lights Monty up.
I love the interaction between the character in this chapter. It all just seemed so real and natural. You do a good job mixing in dialogs. with thought processes. You give just the right amount of mix.

Joy and Trevor are cute together, and I can't wait to see how things work out.

I as much as I hate to see this story go, I can't Wait for the ending, to see how everything turns out. Where will Ella go to school? How will Trevor and Joy adjust to being parents? Will Lyla break free of her depression, and get back to her husband?

The Readers Want to Know!

Amanda said...

Hey Kate, sorry that I didn't review last night because I had to work earlier on today. Wow it was a great chapter and I hope that Lyla is okay and think things through. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous said...

I hope Layla and Andy will really get back together and straigthened things out, its just so painful that Andy loves Lyla, and what is Lyla going through, like withdrawing...I love Brett and Ella...and Monty is so annoying, what a friend he is...i hope he'll hook up with some girl and forget Ella, realizing that Ella and Brett really love each other.