Thursday, May 1, 2008


I don't want anyone worried about me so I have decided to post just so everyone knows I'm alright. At the moment, my muse for The Prettiest Thing has left me. I have been writing chapter thirty for days now and can't get past the first page. I'm afraid someone sent me an email that really hurt me and I haven't felt like writing for the past few days or even updating my blog. I am sorry to all of those who were concerned but I just need some time to myself. Hopefully, I will snap out of this funk soon and start writing like a mad woman again. This past chapter got the lowest amount of reviews of any other chapter so I have been going back and re-examining the story line. This story is going to be reduced to 35 chapters so the next few chapters are going to move quickly through time but the story is going to end how I always imagined ending it. I really do love the ending but first things first. I must be in a writing mood again which unfortunately, at this exact moment, I am not. This is probably good news to those who hate me and The Prettiest Thing so much. I hope everyone has had a good week and I hope to write again soon.


Anonymous said...

Take your time Kate, but don't focus on the idiots during your time of self-examination. The number of people who worry about you and look forward to your updates far outnumber the idiots who need to be cruel. People only tear others down so that they can feel better about themselves. Focus on the fans that want nothing but the best for you. i know the bad stuff is usually easier to believe, but consider the source.


Anonymous said...

Oh just don't care about those who don't like you and sent you insults, I mean lots and lots of Great autors have sometimes met jealous people who just want to destroy other's work without argumentations, look at what some have said about Stephen King :
" I've described King in the past as a writer of penny dreadfuls, but perhaps even that is too kind."or"the former CEO of Simon & Schuster, described King's work as "non-literature" ;

of course you can always be criticized (it's interesting for you when it's well-done criticizes-I'm not talking of insults of course ^^-), of course some may not like your stories, and it's all right, just like some may not like some chapters, but still think to those who love what you write (and who care so much for you that they were worried of your abscence) and don't stop or abandon what you are doing coz to those person you are really talented.

And especially don't judge your talent in writing by the number of reviews (and by the number of view I mean I probably read "more than anyone lots and lots of time XD) coz it doesn't mean anything, and if you have to write a fantastic story for just 1 person then do it if it is really what you wanna do.

bulma-veggie french fan.

Victoria said...

Food for thought...perhaps ch. 29 received the lowest amount of reviews because it was perfect. There was really no conflict or since of what's going to happen next. It was just a lovely chapter where it was obvious that the two main couples are approaching a crossroads but it was the calm before the next storm. We all know that there will be more conflict but 29 was just a beautiful chapter of wonderfulness. I don't know who wrote you the nasty email but as a scientist I can safely say that there will sometimes be equal numbers of people who hate your work and who love your work. I am one of those who love it even when you had Ella with Monty (I hate him!). Trust in yourself it is your story after all. Take comfort in this...I can't read the 3rd installment of Twilight because I am afraid Bella will choose Jacob (dirty, stinky dog) and not Edward. See its not you...its your readers who have the problem. Keep up your great work!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!

Only, only, only ever write if you love it. Writing should be something that you MUST do or not at all. I think that you are one of those writers, the ones with talent and passion, one who MUST write not just one who can. If you can say that you honestly do not love to write then be done with it until that love comes back because it will and then you will be ready to write again.

Take all the time that you need to consider your writing and your story. I know that it must be very difficult to recieve negative reviews. When it is all said and done I hope that YOU see the value and worth of your story, which so many love, and that you'll choose to write the story how you always planned it. Catering to the rude minority will only encourage them that their actions effect you - ignore them and like immature grade-schoolers they will go away if they get no response.

I appreciate you Kate, all the work that you do and the stories that you write. Take care and all the very best to you!

KittyCat86 said...

Hi Kate.
I haven't read the last 2 chapters due to lack of time but I'm on it now.

Please take your time writing; I'm sure whatever comes out will be great. Don't care about what some dumb people may have said.

Partly, I'm glad the story is coming to an end because I'm really excited to know if you'll let Brett and Ella be together. But I'm also sad it'll be over soon. I really like this story.^_^

Dove said...

Don't pay any attention to those who doesn't like your story. What matters is that you have your fan readers who loves your work. Don't rush and take your time. Believe in yourself like you told me, in that email. They are just jealous because when they see greatness, they always tend to smash it. They want your talent and they are just haters. Haters dies, but lovers lives on.

Anonymous said...

Kate, I love your writing, but sometimes I wish you would just disregard the reviews section. As a writer, you're supposed to write what you think is right, not trying to please other people. That's what being an artist is about. Plus, there are a lot of idiots out there.

- schmoo

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry i haven't been reveiwing as frequently,but a lot has been going on with me at the minute.As always,i love your stories (every single one!),and i hope Corey makes another appearence cause you know i love her. ;)

Don't let idiots get you down, Kate.Only continue the story when you feel absolutely positive about it and your own state of mind.Your feelings are far more important than updating a story.As much as i love The Prettiest Thing and can't wait to see how it all turns out,we can all wait until you feel good again.


Anonymous said...

Don't even listen to people like that. If they have the time to sit around & just be mean about things then really what kind of people are they? So many people love your stories especially this one it's gotten really great reviews all along so I hope you don't start letting sad, little people like that ruin this amazing talent you have!

I know around this time exams are starting for lots of people so that could be keeping some of your readers away & I know some people could simply just be embarassed to review I know I was shy to do it for a long time! And if you see lots of views & a not as many reviews I have a re-reading habit sorry, i'll try to stop doing that so much in future!

Focus on the good stuff if you can I know it must be hard. When you decide to post a new chapter i'll be waiting! Take your time though, i'll be so sad when this story is over! Look after yourself.

L x

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself Kate.

I really love The Prettiest Thing and at first its true I was a little shy to review. I also haven't been reviewing as often and I apologize.

But please don't let rude people get you down. As the old saying goes "Those who don't matter won't mind and those who mind don't matter."

Only write if you truly want to and if you really feel like writing.

I'm sure I speak for everyone of your readers who love your stories when I say we won't mind whatever you decide to do.
We just want you to feel better about everything.

P.S. I loved Ch.29 someone else mentioned it but it was just perfect. Absolutely perfect. I love Brett & Ella!


littlewiseone said...

Kate, Kate, Kate. Just tell me who it is, I will go beat them up for you. I’m not above violence. Really I’m not above violence. Some people need a good kick in the ass whopping every now and again. I mean seriously. I know every story is not for everyone but, how could you not love these characters, all of your characters.

Kate please don’t give these people any stock. They are not worth it. These are people that don’t have your talent and are jealous of you, but instead of being like me and congratulating you on how great you are, they spite venom hoping to poison your spirit and get you to stop writing. Please, don’t let them poison you. You are too good to stop writing,

You know I’m one of your biggest fans. I love everything you do. You have tons of big fans. Me, HMC , Lx, Sara, 7 years, bulma-veggie, girlfixer.. We love your writing and we love YOU. If you need encouragement tell me and I’m there for you.

I’m there to tell you how Chapter 29 was PERFECTION, and I don’t know how anyone could comment on it besides to say, perfect. Some people don’t like to be happy some people don’t like romance. Maybe you should put a warning on you stories. If you don’t love, love, then don’t read my stories because while there will be some angst, and twist, in the end there will be LOVE.

Kate please don’t stop writing and don’t change a thing about your story. Stick with your original outline. Please don’t let this SourPuss make you change Your story. Write it how you always imagined it.


Amanda said...

Never think about what people say what you can't do. Think about you on what you CAN do. The more you let people bother you on what you love, the more it is going to affect you and what you truly love. Never forget your love of writing and knowing that you love it, than nothing else should matter. You are truly gifted, I am a fan and will be for the longest of time.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry, take your time with the story, I am positive that whatever you write I will love. I have loved every other chapter thus far, and especially the last one. So please dont let some idiot, who probably woudnt be able to write something as amazing as you have get you done.
SO write this story the way you envisioned it, good luck!

Sara said...

Take your time! The last thing anyone wants is for you to post, just to post, and not be posting chapters that are really what you had planned out. Your writing is amazing and just makes me appreacite it even more when there is a break between the awesome treat of daily to every other day updates.
I know you have your reasons, but I hope you are still keeping the story true to your original vision. NO ONE knows these characters better than you, so NO ONE but you can decide how this story show play out, how long it should take, or when it should end. I know I will read and LOVE whatever you write.
And to those few a**holes who hate you and the story, try your hardest to ignore them. I know that is stupid advice because that's like telling the sun to not shine, it's impossible. But try to at least focus on those (like everyone here) who LOVES this story.

Anonymous said...

Take all the time you need. Your true fans will understand and those who decide to be negative and hateful need to grow-up. You have such an incredible talent and I'm sorry to see that some idiot's inconsiderate and mean email hurt you. We all love you and your writing - that's not going to change. I loved the last chapter. Like others have said, it was perfect. I think sometimes, we just don't take the time to let you know how much we appreciate and love your writing. I hope that you can get past this negative feedback and just look at how much other people love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Take your time updating, I will wait for you...I love your work, and people like these (the ones that send hate mail or whatever you want to call ir) are stupid.

A message to them if they read guys suck...if you don't like it don't read it and definitely don't complain, you didn't have to read the story, you made the decision too.

Back to Kate, again I love you work...keep writing and I will keep reading...and I know its hard but ignore the people who send these emails. These people just don't know what great writing is if they don't like it.


Anonymous said...

I feel bad that some narrow minded idiot has had this effect on you and your story.

If they don't like your story, quite frankly, they should go screw a tree. They're not the ones putting the product of their hours of thought and planning out there for everyone to see and read.

Quite frankly, I've enjoyed all of your stories. It's been really interesting to watch the stories and characters get more and more complex as time has gone on.

So really, they should go screw a tree.