Friday, May 9, 2008


Hi everyone. Is everyone okay? I hope so. Any exciting plans for the weekend? I am going to IKEA on Saturday and am going to be spending far too much money so I don't know if that's a good plan or not but I sure am excited. I hope everyone is alright. When I don't hear from some of you either through this blog or through my email, I get kind of worried. I know that may sound weird since none of us have ever met but I feel close to a lot of you considering that we have "known" each other for a couple of years now if you think of how long I have been posting stories.

I know a lot of you are getting sick and tired of The Prettiest Thing and I was writing the one-shot for Beth and Graham but something happened. The short one-shot turned into about 12,000 words and I am still going. That isn't exactly the typical length of a one-shot and also, considering it isn't even finished yet, should I post it as an individual story? I don't know what to do with it. I would hate the idea of cutting it down but I know that the longer a chapter or story is, the less people are interested in it. I will figure it out. Don't worry. I am so excited about it being Friday. Did this week drag on for anyone else? Hope all is well for everyone and I hope to have something posted sometime this weekend but what it will be, I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

Well if it's a part of your one-shot series, let it be a one shot, even if it's long, or do a 2 chapter story of all your couple in that new "recueil"! It's your choice, write as long as you want XD
And no no no WE LOVE T.P.Things, don't abandon us and don't shorten it, it's great as it is, follow your imagination !!

PS: there are some stories missing on you AFF page no?? there aren't any of your oneshot anymore there O.O


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Sorry for not reviewing chapter 31 yet and it's because of clinical. I feel so burn out this week so every time I come home I fall asleep. You don't sound weird for worrying I just think some of us have somehow form a bond through these stories. Which I find it to be great and someday we'll probably meet each other. I can imagine it now you're on Oprah talking about your book and you get a huge surprise to finally meet your fans from the internet, haha.

I love IKEA too. I think that store is just brilliant. It has like the simplest things that can be turn into great d├ęcor. About 90% of my bedroom is from IKEA, haha. I love that place. This weekend I am going to relax and have for once 8 hours of sleep.

I still love "The Prettiest Thing" and the other reviewers are probably bog down with work or exams. I'm happy to hear you're starting with Graham and Beth as the first one shot and it could be the longest one shot who cares because you know I'll definitely read it. Okay I'm going to review chapter 31 now so have a good Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate! Sounds like you have some fun times planned for this weekend. I am also thrilled that it's Friday! I am a graduating senior this semester and I offically have only 4 exams left and then I will be free with a degree - hurrah!

In my honest opinion - the longer the chapter or the story the better it is. TPT has been some of your finest writing and I think it is due in part to the fact that you didn't limit yourself or restrict your writing to fit a set chapter/story length. I can't imagine ANYONE is tired of TPT - I know that I am sure not! Please don't shorten it or leave it without being finsihed - please?! :-)

I would just use the chapter, even if it is LONG in your one-shot series. The one shot are going to be good because the "fans" of a particular couple will be thrilled if you wrote a long chapter while those that aren't as interested in them will know up-front who it's about and will be able to choose which chapters they read and which they don't. Very democratic and I know you'll have a couple there to please everyone so I say... go for it.

Write as much about each couple as comes to you and then post your series of one-shots. Who knows maybe there will be more then one longer story develop out of this idea and then you'll already have the first chapter of their story ready to go. I know for sure that some of us would really be excited about sequels.

However it works out for you I hope you are hearing what I am trying to say - don't restrict yourself, it does your talent no favors and we LOVE the length and detail that you've taken with TPT and would like to see that continue with your other stories.

There you go - my two cents worth! I will be able to review and read any new chapters you post (I won't be able to stop myself) but aside from that I am going to be in finals mode and will not be checking in as often for the next week. Have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day a bit early! I really am (almost obsessively) looking forward to the next installment of TPT - a week at the beach house seems like drama with a capital "D"! Can't wait! LOL. Thanks Kate and take care!

littlewiseone said...

I understand you worrying about us. I mean we worry about you.
Also, let me be the 1st to say I am far from tired of The Prettiest thing, but if you feel you need some time away to refresh yourself then do as you must. It took me 3 weeks to write one poem, I don't know how you write 12,000 words in a day or two.

Beth and Graham please don't shorten it. It can be a short little standalone piece, like "In a Red Dress Alone". I think I speak for us all we love updates on past characters. These characters are like Our friends as well.

Have fun at Ikea. I love that store. My cousin and i spent hours there when she was moving. Maybe you and your family can go to the restaurant there. the meatballs are great.

As for me I'm going to perform my poem today at a Spoken Work Cafe so wish me luck.

GirlFixer said...

Personally I love long chapters and stories - there's nothing more annoying than super short chapters. That's the thing with me and books/literature, I'm always craving more, so that's why I'm enjoying The Prettiest Thing so much :)

I love Ikea! Although, I do admit, whenever I go there, the best part is getting a hotdog at the end... lol!

I'm a wee bit stressed with my studying at the moment, so I'm really sorry that I haven't gotten round to reviewing the latest chapter - I think once I've finished my essay later on, I'll go and read the chapter again, and then leave a review :)

Hope you're well!


Sarah said...

Stories long or short... it s'all good. But IKEA!!!!! (Sorry my family runs an antique store and my furniture preferences are slightly different from a typical 21 year old) Anywho... can't wait for the next chapter and the new story.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no I love long chapters, stories and one-shots. And I especially LOVE TPT!

IKEA? Wow that shop is quite cool. I've been to one in London.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

I am SO not getting sick of The Prettiest Thing. It is one of my favorites. And thank you for being worried! I know I haven't known you for too long, but I am in love with your stories.
As for the oneshot, I love the idea. But if you're worried, you can make it a two chapter story seperately. But long chapters are fine with me. I like this couple. But honestly, I CAN NOT wait for the other couples as well. Like Brady and Ali (I love Brady), Lucy and Will (cutest ever!), and especially Tyson and Amy. They are by far my favorite couple. Just someting about strong, silent types makes me happy! But Brett Dawson is amazing. I loved how he got emotionally in the last chapter when talking to Trevor. I fell in love with him as that moment, haha! Well, I'm rambling. But please post more of The Prettiest Thing! I am in love!


Anonymous said...

I am definetly not getting sick or tired of TPT I probably will go into mourning when it's finished I love it that much! I think you should post the whole thing make it an extra long one-shot!

My only exciting plan for the weekend is studying whoooo! :( BUT I am going to help my aunty mind my beautiful new baby cousin for a few hours so she can sleep! Besides that my life won't be fun until June 12th when my exams will be finished for good!

Have a great weekend can't wait for whatever you post next!

L x

Anonymous said...

I dont think Ill ever get bored of tired of the Prettiest Thing... its my favorite story of yours, honestly its your best work by far.

Hope you had fun at IKEA! I love that store... Whenever Im there I love picking out in my head what I would want in my house one day.

Im really excited for the Beth and Graham story and please, DO NOT shorten it. The more detail, the longer the better! We love, or atleast I do, being able to feel like Im actually there while reading.

I read the Lion and the Lamb a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I dont think I was a fan of yorus when you had originally posted it but I loved it! I reallly cant wait for this oneshot thing, I cant wait to catch a glimpse of everyone and see where they are.

Youre an awesome writer Kate, and Im glad you made this post. It shows that you're not just an author who writes AMAZINGLY, but you also stay connected with your fans/readers. I really love that about you.


curly0406 said...

I love TPT and I will never be tired of it! I also love long chapters! You are a wonderful writer. Keep up the great work and have fun at IKEA!

Anonymous said...

As for Ikea, how can you not love that store? I'd say about 80% of my apartment is Ikea.

Now on to the stories... I don't think anyone is really tired of TPT; if they are anything like me then they are bogged down with deadlines for work or finals.

I just read the last chapter, brilliant as usual. I'm looking forward to the spring break drama.

Side note: Have you been taking down some of your stories from AFF? I noticed earlier that Reed and Cami's follow up story was not there.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

i am so NOT getting sick of TPT. its one of my favorites.