Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nothing Else Matters - Chapter One

Nothing Else Matters has just been posted on and it is the first chapter of the collection of one-shots that I have been talking about for the past few days. Instead of Beth and Graham being the first couple, Brady and Ali are the focus. Just a short, sweet little one-shot that peeks into their lives together and it made me smile. Brady and Ali are one of my personal favorites and I am glad that they now are the first chapter. Please read and review and I hope that it is a piece of fluff that can make you smile when you read it. I hope these one-shtos are enjoyed and I am excited about writing them. Also, chapter thirty-two of The Prettiest Thing is still being worked on. It is just taking me longer than I anticipated but I promise that I am working on it. Thank you to everyone in advance.

Never opened myself this way. Life is ours, we live it our way. All these words, I don't just say and nothing else matters. Trust I seek and I find in you. Every day for us something new. Open mind for a different view and nothing else matters.


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Anonymous said...

Yaaay!! Updates make my day. This is so cute! Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, soooo sweet, can't wait for the others (ben & Olivia !! ^^) and can't wait for chapter 32 of TPT XD

PS: like I said before, did you take your others one shots out of AFF? there are stories missing there.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I just squeal from the excitement of having Ali and Brady as the first couple for your one shot series, haha.

I hope you had a good mother's day. I haven't asked about your kids in a while so how are they? I love all of your characters from "The Prettiest Thing" as well but I'll admit that your female characters are better! All of your writing makes me happy. I'm going to read "Nothing Else Matters" now. Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Aw that was so lovely! Such a sweet start, Brady & Ali have always been one of my favourites, think it's cos they're such complete opposites! Little Casey & Wallace were so cute too! Can't wait for more of this & TPT too ;)

L x

Anonymous said...

Yay! Super cute story! I am looking forward to the other chapters and the next chapter in the Prettiest Thing. Happy (belated) Mothers Day!

littlewiseone said...

I love seeing them as adults, and thinking and talking about adult things. It is cool to see how they are keeping the spark, (or trying too) and parenting. I LOVED IT, because it shows lasting love, not just the firey passion!

Anonymous said...

Aww cute story! I'm still new to your stories but I'm gonna go read more about Brady & Ali now. They're really cute.

I'm looking forward to reading more and also TPT too. Can't wait to see what is happening with Brett & Ella!


Anonymous said...

Amazing and so sweet. I love Brady and Ali and it was great to be able to have another moment with them. Their love for each other is just so tangible and it makes me all warm and fuzzy. Great work Kate!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved it!

Can't wait for the next glimpse into one of your many great pairings' lives!


Anonymous said...

This made my day. I'm so glad you decided to give us a glimpse of these characters that we love.

Brady and Ali were always one of my favorites, and I really liked this one-shot. I'm looking forward to some stories more than others, but I will read them all and probably love them.