Saturday, May 24, 2008

Corey and Kyle

Corey Carcetti, Ella Scott's best friend from The Prettiest Thing, is probably one of my favorite female characters that I have ever created. She is strong-minded, opinionated and she does not apologize for who she is. She loves sex, tattoos, pot and politics. She loves to live life and tries to get Ella to do the same thing. One weakness she does have however is Kyle Colfax, close friend of Trevor Scott and Brett Dawson. I didn't want to make her seem like some pathetic girl pining over an older senior football player even though I have not focused a lot of time on Corey and Kyle together. What I love about the characters of Kyle and Corey is they do what they want when they are together and they have a good time. When Kyle hurts Corey, it hurts her and confuses her more than she ever thought it would and she realizes that she really likes him. Like many seventeen-year-old girls, she has had her heart broken.

In chapter thirty-six of The Prettiest Thing - which I am still working on - Corey and Kyle are going to get some page time together at the beginning but I will say now that even after this story is finished, Corey and Kyle are going to be rather... complicated. Below, I have posted a song, "The Nicest Thing" by Kate Nash, which I feel is a perfect song for Corey in regards to Kyle because even though she is a strong female character, she really has fallen for this boy. Please listen to it and let me know what you think. Now that the story is nearing the end, I will ask everyone again. Who is your favorite character in The Prettiest Thing?




Amanda said...

Hey Kate, I think the song is really well suited for Corey. I think that Kyle and Corey are going to end up together because he is presentied on bringing her to the prom. I know she is going to put up one hell of a good fight and so will he. I would love to see a story on these two or a one-shot because I think it would be rather interesting. Have a great day Kate.

Anonymous said...

I really am looking forward to the next chapter. I was hoping for some sort of resolution in their relationship, even if it's not a happy one. (Which I really can't see happening cause he's an ass) Bit maybe Corey just growing from it and becoming a better, and stronger woman because of it. I cannot wait.


Anonymous said...

Aw good i'm glad we'll get to see more of them! If nothing else I hope he had least apologises to her, I don't think their relationship is quite over just yet though ;)

I actually love pretty much all of the characters, except for Monty can't deal with him but besides that, I especially love all of the girls in this story. There's something about all of them that I really love but my favourite since the start is still Brett! He's the sweetest character ever & unlike every 18 year old guy i've ever met in a really good way... well almost every 18 year old boy ;)

I'm so sad there's only a few more chapters left but i'm really looking forward to seeing what happens. Update when you can!

L x

Anonymous said...

My favorite character, that is hard to choose. I love both Brett and Ella! But if I had to choose I would pick Brett! I'm so sad that this story is almost over, I can't wait for the next chapter.

Anonymous said...

omg, its such a nice song... and it definitely reminds me of Corey and Kyle! Can't wait to read chapter 36!!!!!!

jas said...

i have another song that i just heard that made me think of Kyle and Corey,
Rihanna "Cry"
here is a link to listen to it.

but any way i like the twins the most and i still want one ella with him but i know it won't happen. (why do i keep on saying that)
but yeah they are my fav.

GirlFixer said...

My favourite character has to be Ella. And Brett... And NO! I have to pick just one?! I love them all :) But Brella are the cutest.

I was listening to 'Hometown Glory' by Adele, and it made me think of The Prettiest Thing. If you haven't heard it already, you should try it out. It's a really great song :)


Anonymous said...

Hello my lovely friend,

I hope your weekend is going great. I can finally have some free time today. After I post a comment here I'm going to review chapter 35 for you. I think I'm a new Kate Nash fan. "I wish that we could see if we could be something," pretty much explains it all in the lyrics about Corey and Kyle's relationship. Yep, even strong females have some vulnerability when it deals with the heart.

It was so hard for me to decide who my favorite character is or was because you've done such an excellent job developing them and they have issues that are real and relatable. Yet I have to choose so my favorite is Trevor. Are you surprise? He's my favorite because I thought you gave him the hardest time as an author and what I mean by that is that you threw him a lot of issues to deal with as a teenager and as a reader I like the gradual change in his character into this responsible person who doesn't give up so easily. So now you know.

Oh my gosh, your new story sounds steamy. I like the title very much but I have to admit I'm not really into the love obsession thing but since you're going to be the creator of it I will read and review every chapter. I'm glad you're trying something that's not the norm for you. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the story is almost over.My favourite character used to be Corey,but I have to say that Ella has really grown on me.She's very modest and has great morals.

I love this story,but I can't wait for you to start another one because I always love your stories.You should start a poll on your blog and ask everyone what their favourtie story of yours is.It might be a good way to find out more about your stories and writing ability.

Just an idea. ;)