Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

This image is in no way, shape, or form mine or was made for me. I was randomnly searching the internet and I stumbled upon it on one of the dozen pages I had clicked on last night. I thought it was perfect for The Prettiest Thing though and immediately thought of Brett and Ella when I saw it and I wanted to post it. If the owner finds it posted here, I hope you don't mind. I just love the picture so much.

I know after reading all of the reviews for chapter 32, people were less than pleased with Ella but please. Don't hate her. She is seventeen-years-old, unsure about herself considering Brett's history with girls and she is absolutely terrified of sex. Her thoughts are all over the place but I promise that hopefully, you will like her again next chapter. I am going to make an official announcement. This story is going to have 38 chapters and that includes the epilogue and I am in the middle of chapter thirty-three right now. Sadly, this story will soon be winding down. But don't worry. There is still much to get through. Spring break, prom, graduation, the baby, Lyla and Andy, Brett and Ella... much more to come. I love you guys. You are awesome and I love how involved you have gotten with this story. And I also really love this picture.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!


Okay, now that I got that out of the way... :-)

Take everyone's feelings and comments as the highest compliment. Not as we must dislike Ella but because you are able to bring in such a range of emotion into a story and provoke REAL feelings from your readers.

Some of the BEST stories and books I've ever read are rollercoasters emotionally - i.e. I hate him for being that way, why wouldn't she just talk to him, I can't believe he just did that, is she stupid or what, can't he just be honest, why won't they realize how great they are for each other, etc. These are all thoughts that might go through my mind if the romance is GOOD and believable and trust me, I've thought all of these things about Brett and Ella! LOL!

It is challenging because you allow us to review chapter by chapter and so you get to hear everyones emotions as they unfold not just at the end after the whole story has unfolded and every scene has been read. Trust me on this one - we all love Ella and feel sure that she is the one for Brett - we were just reading the emotional rollarcoaster of a great, compelling story, so be proud of yourself! :-)

I like the pic also and I am very excited for the next chapter! Sad to see that there are only 5 or so chapters left but I do understand that you can't keep writing the story forever plus I AM excited about some of your other pending projects - like the series of oneshots! Take care Kate and have a good day.

littlewiseone said...

I don't dislike her. I love her character. I just thought she was behaving like the typical irrational teenager she is supposed to be, and irrational teenagers tend to think. . . irrationally.

I love this story and while I know it is wrapping up I look forward to all the things left to come.

I hope our reviews don't influence the story too much because I agree with HMC, all great stories have ups and downs, and take you for a ride. It there were no thrills, who would want to go on the trip, especially for 38 chapters. You do a wonderful job taking us on a trip with every chapter. I love you creativity, and please don't let me stifle it for any reason. I only want to encourage, never discourage. You never let me down overall in the end.

Can't wait for the next update.