Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TPT - Chapter Thirty-One

Chapter thirty-one of The Prettiest Thing is now up on AFF.net so please read and review it for me. It is a long chapter and I hope everyone enjoys it. There is a focus on Ella and Corey's friendship as well as a focus on Trevor and Brett. In the next chapter, Lyla is going to begin suffering from depression again and the high school is going to be having spring break which only means one thing. A week-long vacation at Corey and Monty's family's beach house so there should be plenty of drama. Please read and review chapter thirty-one for me. Thank you to HMC for the picture that reminded her of Trevor and Joy: "loved this guy's grin, reminded me of how happy Joy has made Trevor."



Anonymous said...

Great update as usual! Loved all the different prespectives we got to see in this chapter.

Tevor and Joy are so good together! And Brett and Ella were darling in this one - I appreciated that Ella is being honest about her feelings. Brett seems like he would do anything to make her happy if she would just tell him how she feels.

Poor Corey! I hope that Kyle feels like a complete and utter jerk and tries to make things right with her at some point in the future - I can't believe that he would begin to try and apologize only to make it worse by such a nasty comment at the end... ugh, jerk.

Loved that chapter and I am excited about the upcoming drama!! Thanks Kate!

Amanda said...

I can't say much with this chapter but Brillent Kate, simply brillent.

Anonymous said...

I love all of your stories so much! They're all so amazing. I love the relationships of 'The Prettiest Thing' the most though. In chapter 31, I feel so horrible for Corey! Her character is becoming one of my favorite. She's so genuine, and I can't help but to fall in love with her humor and her spirit. And I want to kick that Kyle in the balls!

I SO wish these characters were real! I want to meet them in real life. I feel like I could connect with each of them. And I love how you are mentioning teenage sex right now with each character, expecially Ella. It's becoming such a large part/issue with teenagers' lives today, and you writing about it makes it a but easier to deal with. I'm a teen who is stuck in situations much like Ella's, and it's awesome that you're writing about her first time experiences with sex and keeping her virginity, as well as situations like Corey's and Trevor and Joy's. It sort of shines some guidance on to me (if that makes any sense!) and gives me hope.

So I have a request, can you try to publish this story? I think that it will become a very successful teen novel. Although it is explicit in some areas, it's not like teens are oblivious to sex. You are just such an amazing author. And I want to be able to say that this is one of my favorite novels!

So anyways, I can't wait to read the next chapter! Please write more soon! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great chapter, I really like Corey she is such a strong girl, I mean you can see she's gonna forget the pain and continue her life ^^
Brett/Ella and Joy/Trevor are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved that chapter! Brett is so sweet with Ella, i'm glad she's opening up more to him hope they stay together for a long long long time preferrably forever? :D

Joy & Trevor were dotey too! Sucks people are staring but I suppose that's to be expected. I wish her parents would be more understanding though.

Poor Corey at least she can stick up for herself! I really liked that relationship or whatever it was that she had going with Kyle maybe he can grovel but she needs to make him squirm for a little wihle! She's becoming one of my favourite characters looking forward to seeing more of her.

Can't wait for the next chapter, glad Lyla is comming back into & I hope the drama doesn't affect Brett & Ella hope they have at least another happy chapter before something goes wrong!

Brilliant as per usual can't wait for more!

L x

littlewiseone said...
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littlewiseone said...

It's an interesting choice for them to go on a week-long vacation at Corey and Monty's family's beach house. Will Brett be there? How will that work? How would Monty feel about that? If he isn't there will Monty feel like this is his time to get at Ella. . . is that where the drama comes in. Joy and Trevor have no real connection with Corey and Monty so how will that work, I guess they don't have to be in every chapter huh. Well i guess I can stop wondering what is going to happen and wait for the chapter. I'm sure it is going to be fantastic. Can't wait to read it.