Monday, May 19, 2008


I am in the middle of writing chapter thirty-five for The Prettiest Thing and that time has come. Prom. Brett will try to give Ella the perfect night while Trevor plans something special for Joy. One spoiler though - at the dance, Brett will have the DJ play Ella's favorite song, "Echo" by Incubus so give it a listen to below and hopefully, it will help get you in the mood for the next chapter. Listen to the lyrics closely. They are perfect for Brett and Ella. I hope to have it posted soon. I am so excited for the last few chapters of this story. They are probably my favorite chapters and I can't wait to write them and post them. Honestly, The Prettiest Thing is probably my personal favorite of every story I have written.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

You're probably sleeping by now. I love the song, band, and the story. I can't wait to read chapter 35. Thank you.


littlewiseone said...

I agree this may be one of my favorite. I feel like I'm being disloyal to More than Anyone, and The Prize, but they will always have a special place in my library. I have actually printed them so if you decided to pull them I will still have a copy to go back in enjoy. I have my own special Templeton21 Book. That's ok isn't it? (I promise to never duplicate or re-publish your work.) When you get famous you'll have to sign it for me, and we can laugh and say remember when I wrote for free.

Michelle said...

I agree. I am in love with this story. I can't wait to read the chapter. Please post it soon!