Saturday, May 17, 2008

TPT- Chapter Thirty-Four

Whoo-hoo! Holy crap. Another update! I can hardly believe it myself. This chapter just seemed to pour out as quickly and easily as the last one. Chapter thirty-four of The Prettiest Thing is now posted on so please check it out. Hopefully, everyone knows the drill by now. Read, review and let me know what you think. God, I really love this story. I love every single one of these characters and I am really going to miss them when this story is finished. Just four more chapters to go. I hope everyone likes the chapter and I also wish everyone a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Ok I know I've said it for practically every chapter so far but THAT was definetly my favourite chapter! I don't want to spoil anything in case someone reads this before reading the chapter but that scene with Ella & Brett was so unbelieveably perfect I want to cry...but I won't! :p You wrote it so amazingly definetly my favourite scene between the two of them!!!

I feel awful though about poor Lyla I hope her & Andy sort everything out before she goes off & does something stupid :(

And that ending was very interesting can't wait to see what that's all about!

I'm actually in love with that Ella & Brett scene have to go read it again! I really don't want this story to finish but the whole thing has been amazing so thank you! Looking forward to more when you get a chance ;)

L x

Anonymous said...

Very long love scene !! and perfectly described, it was sweet, when Ella says she didn't imagined her first time in a car but that everything was still perfect, we just believe her ^^ Can't wait to see how she is gonna behave now with Brett !

Poor Lyla, I love her couple with Andy, it's mean from me but I really want her family to put some sense in her because we don't really understand how she went from hapiness to sorrow and depression so quickly, I mean her husband is clearly so in love with her ... (I was scared I though she commited suicide)

Great great chapter !!!

Anonymous said...

You spoil us so much with your quick updates. I loved this chapter so much. Ella and Brett were perfect and I'm so happy that Ella finally took that final step with Brett. He was so gentle and patient with her.

Poor Lyla and Andy. I love this couple so much and I hate their continual angst but you write it perfectly. I hope they get through this and stay together.

I can't wait to read the next chapter. I'm going to miss all of these characters so much.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Ella and Brett stuff. I'm so happy they are finally on the right track. But I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't know why I have a bad feeling, but I do.

Poor Andy. Lyla needs to get some help and pull herself together quick because what she is doing is not fair to Andy. I don't see how going home and leaving Andy is going to magically fix her, which is kind of what I took away from their scene. She is wrong to shut him out.

Looking forward to the conversation between Connie and Afton in the next chapter.

Great job, as always.


Amanda said...

I'm glad that Brent and Ella are together and took that step but I want to know is what is happening to Lyla? Great job Kate.

Anonymous said...

loved the love scene though i wished it wasn't in the car but it makes sense they are young and where else would you do it. lol. but it was perfect and right time for them. Sort of hoping for more of those lovely shower scenes. lol. anyway great chapter!! but it just brings us closer to the fact that story is almost over.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh this chapter is incredible. This is my second favorite chapter, and by far my favorite story. Please make this a novel! I want to be able to say that it's my favorite book! haha! I love it, plain and simple. The only thing that makes me sad in this chapter is of course Lyla. I feel so badly for her. She seems like she is in so much pain, and I just want to give her a hug.
Ella and Brett's scene was beautiful too. It made me so happy. And it was a bit funny how it all took plain in the front seat of Brett's pickup truck! Will there be more scenes of Ella and Brett like that?
And well, I know I say this a lot, but I feel like I found a potential Trevor. His name is Colton Haynes. I found him on a website:

Well, Please write more and update very soon! I am so sad that this story is ending, but I want more!

Chez said...

Thought i'd leave a comment here in instead at the website - must say one of the best chapters yet!

Loving the story and everything to do with the story

As this was the first story i'd read of yours i've caught up on the others and they are just as good!

Keep it going!

Can't wait for more


michelle said...

AHH, I'm sorry about this again, but I found some guy who seems to resemble Brett. I just pisture him when I think of Brett. He's an actor, Cam Gigandet. There are some pictures of him that make him look so much like how I picture Brett to look.
Okay, sorry for that again! Thank you, and please post more soon!

Anonymous said...

I just realized that when I am free... I check your blog more than 3 times a day hoping for an update!!