Thursday, May 15, 2008

TPT - Chapter Thirty-Three

So... um, yeah. I started writing chapter thirty-three of The Prettiest Thing and I don't know what happened but it seemed that when I sat down and began, I couldn't really stop so... this is the longest chapter of the story. It has a lot of character development in it and I hope everyone likes it. Please read and review it for me. I can't believe how fast I finished this chapter so please reward me with your opinions because I love what everyone thinks. Thank you!

Brett and Ella


GirlFixer said...

I just left a comment over on AFF, but I thought I'd leave one here too.

I was really surprised (but happy) to see you'd updated so soon - I'm taking a break from an essay that's driving me nuts, and this has just cheered me up to no end.

I loved this chapter - words can't fully explain how adorable Brett and Ella are. But when is Brett (or Trevor) going to clock Monty? That boy is trouble... lol.

I was listening to Susanna And The Magical Orchestra's version of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' while reading the first half, and then 'Honey And The Moon' by Joseph Arthur for the second half lol. Thought I'd mention that :)

Oh! And I was flicking through the movie channels earlier on, and I came across a movie called 'Beneath', and I had an 'Oh no, I recognize that actress' moment. I realised after a few minutes that it was Nora Zehetner - the actress you've posted pictures of who you think looks like Ella.

This is all very random... My essay awaits. Nooo :(

Hope you're doing well, Kate.


littlewiseone said...

One Word. WOW. I missed part of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy, because I didn't want to stop reading it. That means a lot coming from me. Great chapter. And thanks for the quick update. You Rock!

Anonymous said...

hey read the chap 33 and must say absolutely one of your best chaps of the story. Loved the whole scene between the two, so heart fluttered just reading it. Anyway cannot wait till whats coming up. As well like to ask i would love for you to write an interacial lovestory...not alot of those on aff was hoping to see one with an asian male and someone of a diff colour. lol. thanks for sharing your talent

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it.

Michelle said...

I already left a comment on AFF, but I'll leave one here too.
I love this chapter with all of my heart, honestly. It's the best of all 33. It was beautiful. Ella wanting to share a shower with Brett was HUGE. But it wasn't too riske or inappropriate, it was just perfect.
But that Monty, oh boy. I just want to punch his lights out! I really don't like that boy! haha. And Trevor and Joy are so sweet together, I feel like they're already married.
Thank you SO very much for updating so soon. You have no idea how much this brightened my day! haha. So please write more soon, I am in love with this story.

Also, I found a song that reminds me of Brett and Ella. It is by a band named 'A Fine Frenzy'. It's the song 'You Picked Me'. I don't know why, but it just reminded me of the couples in this story. And wonderful pictures too! So perfect!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick gave me an excuse to take a break from work for a bit. Great chapter.

I'm happy that Trevor and Joy seem to be figuring out all the baby and life stuff.

And I'm so glad that Ella and Brett didn't get into it over condoms and lack of trust. How brave was Ella in this chapter? It made me smile to see her taking these chances. Hopefully these good feelings last and they don't have too much drama in the remaining chapters.

Poor Corey. Well not really poor Corey because she seems able to take care of herself. I hope Kyle begs her to take him back. I don't know if I actually want her to take him back, but I like the image in my head of that scene. I can't wait to read what you have coming up for them. Random thought: the song "Come on get higher" by Matt Nathanson makes me think of their current situation.

I look forward to your next update. Hopefully there will be some Lyla/Andy interaction.


Anonymous said...

Great great romantic and sweet chapter, Joy & Trevor still in love and mature ; Monty being trouble ; brett and elle experimenting !!
Love it can't wait for next chapter, and your new one-shot !!

Anonymous said...

Aw that was the sweetest chapter! See there's the Ella I love, it's nice to see her trying new things with Brett & he was so adorable with her! Can't wait to see more from them!

Joy & Trevor were so sweet today looking forward to see what becomes of this proposal ;)

Monty's an asshole don't need to comment anymore on him & poor Corey is it bad I want her to get back with Kyle?! Obviously he'd have to beg & grovel for a while but maybe then...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant chapter i'm sad it'll be finishing soon but I can't wait to see what happens with everyone! Update when you can :)

L x

littlewiseone said...

OK, I couldn't really review last night, but I have to say. I think this was an awesome chapter. 1st. Monty is a jerk, but Brett handled him well. He considered Ella's feelings, and was very mature about it. I guess it would be bad to punch his lights out, in his own home. But he does deserve it. Ella won't always be there to protect him.
I also love how you described Brett's feelings after the confrontation, when he thought he was going to have to confront Ella about the condoms. It was so Real. You write such believable scenes.

The PG-13 Shower, adorable. Brett has crazy restraint. I don't know many, if any guys that have that much restraint. Wow. It was a really good scene

Amanda said...

Brillent. I love the chapter but what does Monty have up his sleeve. I know he is thinking of doing something stupid. And as for Corey and Kyle. Something is telling me that they are more than what appears to be. Great Job Kate!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. That was incredibly hot, but sweet at the same time. I absolutely love Brett and Ella and Trevor and Joy. The two couples are so much in love that it just makes me giddy. I'm so happy that Ella and Brett decided to take a step forward and you did it so perfectly. Your writing is incredible Kate.