Friday, May 2, 2008

TPT - Chapter Thirty

Chapter thirty of The Prettiest Thing is posted on I hope most people like it. A lot happens in this chapter but I personally love it and I am looking forward to reading what everyone thinks about it all. Just remember to not assume anything when it comes to this story. I don't want people reading this chapter and jumping to conclusions about what is going to happen. But please, leave me your opinions and predictions. Thank you.


Amanda said...

That was brillent! You did a great job once again Kate. I love how Ella is questioning everything and stands against Monty with what her heart believes. I believe everything will work out for all of the couples. But I am starting to feel sorry for Monty tho, I hope he finds a great girl that is for him and he can be himself.

littlewiseone said...

I just left a comment on AFF about your writing style but now about the storyline. I expected Brett to react poorly to his fathers announcement, and I forgive him for going to that party even though he should not have, but why did he play that sex game. He should have just said no. There was only one way for that to end.

Regarding Monty I don't feel bad for him. I actually feel like he is being a hypocrite. He is basically saying Brett is the devil, he will never change, he doesn't deserve you and I know because I used to be just like him. . . but I changed and you should be with me I deserve you. UMMMM. I don't think so Monty. And I know this is bad, but for a minute when he looked around the room and saw they were alone, then asked where Brett was, I though he was going to attempt to rape her, or at least kiss her. I'm happy he didn't though because then I would have had to hurt him. (Oh, wait. . . this is a fictional character! I had to check myself, Sorry).

So I digress. Great chapter, I love how Ella just asked her mom about sex head on, and how she sent Trevor to look after Brett right after he had disrespected her, but that's typical Ella. It just shows how much she cares.

I Love This Story. It is great and don't let anyone tell you different.


Anonymous said...

Yay you're back! Another perfect chapter, seriously when I read each chapter I feel like i'm right there in the middle of it!

I know Brett shouldn't have gone to that party but I still can't hate him. I love all the stuff he was telling Ella so sweet & it's actually so true that you always are a bit more....vocal when your drunk! I loved what he said to her but Cassidy had to go & ruin in can't some people just accept when they're not wanted anymore?!

Anyways onto Monty...still hate him why is he being so hypocritcal I think him & Cassidy would make a nice little pairing ;)

I'm really loving Corey & Kyle the seem like a fun couple or whatever they are!

I hope Ella doesn't start rushing into having sex now, even though i'm pretty sure Brett won't push her into anything yet. Hope they sort everything out in the next chapter & he grovels big time! And then they just go back to being happy, sweet, adorable Ella & Brett they're definetly my all time favourite couple of yours!

Love love love x a million times this story & I hope your not receiving or at least listening to irrelevant negative crap ;) Keep your chin up! Can't wait for more soon ;)

Oh yeah & just one more thing In A Red Dress & Alone seems to have disapeared? Could just be me doing something wrong but I really wanted to read it & it wasn't there! Just letting you know in case you hadn't noticed!

L x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic as usual can't wait to read about Brett and Ella's next converation, as well as Brett and Trevor's one ^^
Monty was really sweet in this chapter, I mean I wanna Ella with Brett, but still I hope he'll find someone (even though like littlewiseone I was afraid he was gonna rape her in that room ...)

Anonymous said...

Hola Kate!

So I just left a review over at AFF and I went on and on so I won't say too much more.

Just a comment on Brett. Maybe, maybe when the dust settles he'll begin to see that drinking isn't the best way to cope with his anger. I mean, when you have nothing to lose? Go for it, get drunker then drunk if you so choose BUT when you have something important in your life that means something to you (in this case, Ella) then stay far, far away. The risk is never worth whatever short-term reward drinking brings.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Brett starts to understand some of that after this chapter. I KNOW he cares for Ella but because of his drinking he put her in a place where she could have been hurt physically and WAS hurt emotionally. Ouch, I almost feel sorry for Brett with Trevor heading for him!

Good grief - this was long too. I can't keep it brief with this story - I think it's the best you've ever written! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful chapter. All your characters seem so real I have to remind myself that its a story. Poor Ella! I hope she doesn't do anything she's not ready for yet. Brett has to understand that. I'm sure he does.

Amazing chapter Kate. Oh I forgot to review on I'll go now.

Glad to see you writing again.


Anonymous said...

Again, I loved the chapter. I was nervous that something would happen to Ella at the party, while Brett was too drunk to watch her.
Now, I'm eager to see the conversation that Brett has with Trevor. I know everyone is expecting the "what did you do to my sister" kind of argument, but those two are too close for just a regular argument. I think Trevor should recognize Brett's pain and turn his concern there.
Either way, I'm eager to see.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't review yesterday, my husband had to chase me out the down and we were gone all day. I thought it was a great chapter. I am worried though. I really want Brett and Ella to end up together and it seemd that you keep dropping hints that they won't. But it's your story and I trust that you will make it wonderful. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything littlewiseone said, it pretty much was what I was going to say, especially about Monty and his whole he won't change, but even though I was like that I'm different now thing.

On a semi unrelated but still sort of related note, I was watching the video for After Hours by We Are Scientists, and the girl in the video looks like the model you use for Joy.


Anonymous said...


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