Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TPT - Chapter Thirty-Seven

Just one more chapter left of The Prettiest Thing so in the meantime, read chapter thirty-seven now posted on and please review it for me. I wrote the entire thing today and I don't know if it is as perfect as I was hoping but I love it nonetheless. A lot had to be covered in this chapter so this is the longest of the entire story but please, PLEASE, read and review. My longer chapters hardly get reviews and I don't want this chapter to suffer the same fate. I think almost everything was addressed in this chapter but *spoiler* - no resolution for Brett and Ella until the next chapter. Thank you once again to Lauren for the fanart of Brett and Ella below. I hope to have chapter thirty-eight finished and posted by the end of the week. I am really going to miss this story.


Chez said...

Its probably going to be a great chapter as usual!

I unfortunately can't read it yet as i'm at uni and that have those damned blockers if your not conducting particular research (what i may add is a load of crap)!

anyways, will read it when i get home and i will review it in about 5 hours!

Can't wait for the last chapter i think a resolution to Brett and Ella (maybe set in a few years after college) would be good even if they don't end up together!!!

anyways, i'll be back later to review.

Anonymous said...

Great chapter.

I'm really glad that Andy didn't let Lyla off the hook with those annulment papers. Them together at graduation, and her allowing him to put her ring back on her finger were good things to show that they will be okay.

The Trevor and Joy scenes were cute. A daughter is just what Trevor needed...I imagine that he would be wrapped around that little girl's finger.

Hopefully the final chapter will have happy resolutions for Corey and Kyle and of course Brett and Ella. Maybe Grandma Harper can kick his butt...

Look forward to the last chapter.


Anonymous said...

It was good to know that Andy never give-up on Lyla. And the addition to the Scott family, was wonderfully written especially if you already know how it felt to be a first time parents...I can see that Treveor is really maturing...I just hope that Brett will realized something precious and eventually will hold on unto it, i think he just needs the guidance of Grandma Harper. And in return Ella will eventually be happy with Brett...I'm gonna miss this story very much!

Amanda said...

That was a great chapter Kate. You got me crying when Millie was born. I hope that Brent and Ella work everything else.

Anonymous said...

i loved the chapter but i noticed a mistake when joys given birth the doctor says its a girl but when joanna takes it away you refer to the baby as a "him".
i cant wait till the next one!

littlewiseone said...

Wow, great chapter. I want to kick Brett’s butt, it is like he does not know how to be happy. I felt sad for him but I also wanted to kick his butt into gear. I wish Trevor had been able to talk some sense into him. But on the other hand I understand his feelings even if I didn't necessarily like the way he handled it all. Millie? Not my favorite name, but I like the way it was derived.

It is bittersweet, I want the next chapter, but I don't want the story to end.

Anonymous said...

I'm really going to miss this story too. I love it so much, and I love the characters Brett and Trevor. They're like bad boys turned good. I love it! I can't wait for the story after this though! It's amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am really gonna miss this story. I feel like I've really got to know the characters and will miss them as they all move on with their lives. Oh and a daughter for Trevor and Joy? So cute. I'm happy because having a son it wouldn't be as special, this way Trevor's a Daddy! Not just a father.

Grandma Harper really needs to talk some sense into Brett.

Brett and Ella need to be together.

Anyway loved the chapter.

-N x

Anonymous said...

Last chapter is gonna be awsome I'm sure of that, can't wait to see how life is gonna be for Joy and Trevor, and what will happen between B. and Ella. ...if Corey and Monty will also have a happy ending ...

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Andy never gave up. I absolutely adore this couple and I'm glad to see that there may still be a happy ending for them too. At some points I just want to tell Lyla to snap out of it and see how much she's loved, but that's just because I'm so attached. Your writing is spot on and I can feel the confusion that Lyla is undergoing.

All I can say is awww for Trevor and Joy. That is an amazing name for their daughter. It just means so much. They are fast becoming one of my favourite couples.

I hope in the next chapter that Brett and Ella have a happy ending and that they can work through these insecurities.

I'm going to miss this story so much and I can't wait to see how you're going to end it.