Monday, May 26, 2008

TPT - Chapter Thirty-Six

I am not sure why but this chapter took me longer than expected but chapter thirty-six of The Prettiest Thing is now posted on so please read, review and let me know what you think as usual. In the next chapter, we will have graduation, Brett and Alex finally talking, and the birth of the baby so I am really excited about the next chapter. Chapter thirty-six has a lot of internal thoughts with the characters and it has some insight on Brett and Trevor's friendship. I hope everyone enjoys it. Also, a HUGE thanks to Lauren for the kickass banner for The Prettiest Thing below. I love it. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. I hope everyone has had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Brett & Ella? Taking a break?

And this happening at the Prom?

Poor Ella! I don't understand the theory of Brett's plan.

Great chapter Kate. Loved it!


Anonymous said...

But confused with the whole break thing. Oh and putting that corey wants to name her daughter Harlow i found funny as it is named after the terrible little town that i live in. Its in the south of Essex in England and the MP asked Nicole richie if she wanted to come to the town with the name of her daughter and refused as it was in Essex.

Anonymous said...

Oh....I wasn't really expecting that especially so close to the end....I hope they sort it out in the next chapter it would be awful to follow their whole story & then just have them break up.

Anonymous said...

I'll start with Corey...I thought she was stronger than that. She gave in after an "I'm sorry" but she didn't wait for an actual explanation?

Trevor and Joy was the one bright spot of the chapter. Without their scene it would have thoroughly depressing.

Now on to Brett and Ella... seriously, what an asshole! He wanted to give her this special night, so he suggests they take a break? At the prom! What was he thinking? I seriously hope Trevor beats the shit out of him for that.

I am completely at a loss with Brett's thought process. Wow, what he did was seriously stupid.

Great chapter, way to keep the drama coming. I look forward to the next chapter.


Anonymous said...

Wow, well that was a drama-filled chapter. Poor Corey. Just when it seems like things might be looking up for her, she falls back into the same old pattern. I hope she realizes that she can do so much better.

I'm glad that Trevor and Joy at least had a happy little moment. I absolutely adore this couple and I'm so happy that they're doing so well. Trevor has matured so much and he and Joy just match.

Brett, the jerk. Man, what was he thinking? And to bring it up during prom? I hope that they work it out and that they don't take a break because he might just lose her. I feel so bad for Ella. That was a really tough decision to make, but I think she made the right one and now this happens.

This was a really good chapter. I can't wait to see what happens with Brett and Ella and maybe Lyla and Andy?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I hope your day is going great. Tell Lauren that banner of Brett and Monty is hot!!! I've already reviewed chapter 36 and I have a song for Corey it's by No Doubt called "Bathwater". I think it fits her situation with Kyle.


Anonymous said...


also, I though the scene with Trevor and Joy was adorable. And also, I actually sort of liked Kyle in this chapter.

great job! BUT I NEED MORE SOON!

Anonymous said...

This is drama...poor ella...oh i hope they will patch things up...monty out of the picture pls.

Chez said...

another great chapter -

i'm sure when ella thinks things through she will realise that Brett doesn't want to go through the heartache of losing another person he loves if things don't work out!

maybe its better this way - as is suggested within the chapter!

i don't see this as being bad but rather a good thing - i just hope beyond hope that Monty doesn't come into the picture or that Ella goes to him for comfort (now that would be bad)!

anyway they are my thoughts!

Can't wait for more i can't believe that only two more chapters to go and its over -

all i have to say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I don't really get the whole break up thing. Brett seemed so adament not to lose her & then he goes & break up with her? Didn't he say towards the start I think that when they went to college he'd still be able to see Trevor cos the schools were close enough are something? I'm kind of confused where that came from all of a sudden.

I liked the Trevor/Joy scene to that was cute & I actually liked the Corey/Kyle part i'm glad he finally apologised. I'm just not so hot on the Brett/Ella part well I liked the beginning not the ending. I hope Monty doesn't swoop in now that would be bad.

Hope you update soon.

Amanda said...

Break? Has he gone mad? Great chapter Kate and I am wondering what is happening with Kyle and Corey. What's his plan of action? Update real soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!
I loved the chapter, there was plenty of drama and I consider that I good thing.

I do feel sorry for Corey. She is a complex person (aren't we all?) but I feel that she was being too hard on herself and Kyle. They obviously have feelings for one another and they are bound to make some mistakes or do things that they wish they could do over. Her sleeping with him right after he apologized might not have been the BEST decision but I do feel as if Kyle was sincere in his apology and she shouldn't feel badly about caring about him, even though he made a huge mistake.

Brett - was so sad in this one. I hated how Ella choosing her brother's college made him feel second best or in Trevor's shadow yet again. I understand Ella's reasoning but I have to admit that I disagree with her. Trevor needs her - yes - but so does Brett and most likely more then she knows.

Now about Brett wanting to take a break... I guess I can sort of see where he is coming from. It's hard to care for someone so much and then realize that they are still choosing other people over you, even if the decision is a good one or that they meant well, it just hurts. Plus Brett probablly feels that he is holding Ella back from an amazing future and knows that the long distance thing is tough and doesn't want to see her hurt. But he is dicounting how much they love one another and he picked a miserable time to talk about this.

I hope prom isn't ruined for Ella and that she and Brett are able to talk it over and come up with a solution. I cannot stress enough how much I want to see this couple succeed and make it past high-school. I hope that's how the story ends but I am looking forward to seeing where you take the story from here. Should be great!

Thanks for updating and have a great night! How many more chapters do we have on this story anyway? The end must be close and I am really going to miss it!

littlewiseone said...

Way Brett, what were you thinking? Great chapter, very dramatice. Action packed.

littlewiseone said...
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