Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty

Wow. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Brett VS. Monty. I was not expecting that many responses and some of you are definitely passionate about who Ella should wind up with at the end of this story. I loved reading all of your comments and thank you for getting so much into this story. I just posted chapter twenty of The Prettiest Thing on AFF.net so read, review and let me know what you think. The characters are about to go down very different paths and I am excited to write all about it. Thank you to Lauren for the art she made of Brett, Ella, Joy and Trevor below. I absolutely love them, Lauren. And thank you to everyone in advance for reviewing chapter twenty for me. I hope everyone likes it.


Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH! I am going crazy here! How could you leave us like that with Trevor and Joy's future in the air?!? I really am anxious about this test. If they are expecting their future will look much, much different then they planned. Please have mercy and let us know as soon as you can what happens, I'm on pins and needles. ;-)

BTW - I just reviewed at AFF - great chapter and thank-you so much for sharing your stories with us - you are really improving as a writer. I love that you are being so organized and have this story so well thought out and planned - I think it's made you a stronger author. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I'm going to give you a new nick name, forget Templeton, you are Cliffy, for all of there cliffhangers you have been delivering lately. You have me on the edge of my seat every chapter, and bit ting my nails waiting for updates. Keep up the good work, But please don't make us wait too long, my nails are in terrible shape from the past 4 chapter. LOL


Amanda said...

Great chapter I have a feeling that Joy and Trevor plans are going to change update soon.

Anonymous said...

Lol exactly Shanna ^^ She is "Cliffy" now !! Well lots of us see that coming for Joy and Trevor but now what's gonna happen?? Is she just sick or nervous, or really pregnat? And then what are they gonna do if she truly is pregnant? Can he truly ask her to remain pregant and ruin her chances of ballet for those 9 months, or will they choose adoption, or abortion?

And now we know for sure that
Ella's heart is for Brett!! XD

Anonymous said...

Omg you can't end it there!?! I had such a feeling she was pregnant but still though I can't wait to see what happens next, everything was going far too smoothly for them!

And Brett & Ella aw what a sweet moment! Brett's such a sneak but I love it!! It's so obvious Ella doesn't feel anywhere near as strongly for Monty as she does for Brett. I do feel a bit bad for Monty but he'll find someone else! ;)

So excited to see what happens next!

L x

Anonymous said...

She shouldn't have kissed Monty. Know he thinks she likes him more than she does. Is Ella turning into a Playa, Playa, LOL. Amother great chapter. Good Job.