Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter twenty-one of The Prettiest Thing, much like the title of this post suggests, is posted on so please read, review and let me know what you think. This chapter is heavy with Ella and Trevor. Ella is finally breaking free of her old self and eager to try new things and Trevor is dealing with his and Joy's issue. This is not a pro-choice or pro-life story. This is not a pro-religion or anti-religion story. This is a story about the decisions we are faced with when we reach that stage between high school and admitting to ourselves that we're becoming adults. It is a story about how sometimes, we make plans and things don't always go as planned. Please read and review. I love this chapter. I really do. I am proud of it and I hope everyone, or almost everyone, likes it. Below is a picture of Dr. Pierce, who is introduced in this chapter. Thank you in advance for your reviews and opinions.

Dr. Pierce


Anonymous said...

Okay - great chapter as always and I am very, very appreciative of how quickly you have been updating!!!
Poor, poor Trevor - I had a feeling his happiness was too good to last. I feel badly for the dad in cases like this, though the child is equally their's, the female gets the final say. I guess that's fair but tough for the guy to swallow many times. I am hoping that Joy will make the "right" decision for her and Trevor - whatever that means for them.

I loved Ella in this one BTW - does this mean that she will be taking Brett with her to get a tattoo? WOW! That should be interesting.
Keep it up Kate, this is a great story!

Maricor said...

Yes me too, i hope joy will have the right decision, and trevor will be a man to face it...

Finally Brett, was able to admit to himself that indeed he likes Ella...Oh i just happen to browse fiction stories and stumble into far i love reading your work.

Amanda said...

I hope that Joy makes the right decision. I hope that everything will work out in this story. Great chapter Kate!

Anonymous said...

WHoa hard chapter, especially for you since you have to be objective, but congrat coz you succeeded in it, it's so realistic, you don't give us the feeling of a moralistic story (with no abortion, no sex, go to church), no at all, it's just the feelings of 2 teenagers who lived their lives normally and have to face choices. Well it's great to see 2 points of views, especially Trevor's since normaly it's the boy who doesn't want the baby in stories ; I truly understand Joy's choice because as a woman she will have to sacrifice more, it's at her that people will stare the more especially during school, she won't be able to go to the ballet, .. and as it's her body she can decide of what she wanna do . I've got nothing against abortion so I understand that choice , but what is great is that you gave us Trevor's point of view who feel out of place here and not wanted even though is part of the creation of this baby...
Can't wait to read more !


Anonymous said...

Kate I loved this chapter. It was completely heartbreaking, but boy did it show how you have grown as an author. You have truly raised some emotions. I understand that these are character, but you make them feel real, and I feel their pain. I reviewed in on AFF,and I stick by what I said there, although I know I'm the only person that is willing to say they feel that way. I know you would get a lot of harsh reviews if you went that route, so I would understand Joy having the baby, it would be easier. This is a romance story and all. I just know after reading this chapter that you could write the story either way and I will still love the characters.


Anonymous said...

I loved this chapter and the last one too! Thank you for updating so quickly! I liked seeing Ella being spontaneous and different.

I do hope that Joy will make the "right decision" for her and Trevor, but I am sure that whatever you decide Joy will do is the right thing for the story.
Thank you and I cant wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous said...

Shanna >> I just read your review, and I agree with you, as I said before abortion is a choice too in a situation like that. I mean they are two teenagers, with no jobs, no money, and great futures before them, they can choose abortion. There is nothing wrong in thinking that we will not be the best family for a child, or in not wanting to resume a pregnancy because you don't have any supports, or just because you are not ready ... But it's Kate's choice, it all depends on her feelings about this couple, their future, and her story ^^

In this case, I truly like the fact that we got both point of view, and especially the father's one since it's not often the case.


Anonymous said...

Wow that was a really great chapter. You dealt with that whole issue really well, it was really realistic i'm looking forward to see how it all plays out.

Nice little moment in between with Ella & Corey too. I really hope she goes through with asking Brett that would be a sweet little scene if he went with her.

Can't wait for the next chapter this one was really great.

L x

Anonymous said...

Kate you are such an amazing writer. You definitely should be proud of this chapter. It's very serious subject matter but you handled it really well. It was hard to read only because you made it so real. You didn't shy away from the controversy and for that you should be applauded. I actually felt the emotions that you were trying to convey.