Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I am almost finished with chapter twenty-two of The Prettiest Thing but I don't think it will be complete and ready to post until tomorrow but I will let you all know when I have posted it on AFF.net. Chapter twenty-two really focuses on the three Scott children: Lyla, Trevor and Ella. I want to thank Hollie very much for the pictures below that she found and which reminded her of Trevor and Joy and I also want to thank her for all of the kind words she said about Trevor and Joy. I have so much more fanart to post and I can't wait to do so.

The four main characters: Ella, Brett, Trevor and Joy are very near and dear to my heart and most everything that has happened in this story so far has happened to either me or someone in my life. I know Ella, Brett, Trevor and Joy. I know a Lyla and a Monty and Corey. I know all of these characters and I am trying to write them in a way where you know them too. I am trying to have them talk realistically and act in such a way where readers can see themselves in those characters. I love this story and I am glad so many other people are enjoying and loving it as well.

Who is your favorite character from The Prettiest Thing? Why do you like them the most? Who is your least favorite character and why? Let me know in the comments section. I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say.


littlewiseone said...

My favorite character is actually Brett. At 1st blush I was going to say Ella, but I think I kind of identify with Brett best. He is popular, was a huge part of the winning football team, but he wasn't the quarterback so there just isn't that same hype. He is a little bit is Trevor's shadow, even though he is doing great things,and going to an Ivy League School. He has all kind of issues because of his mothers death, that just endear him to me. I even sympathized with him when he was acting like a flake with Ella in the beginning of the story because he did not want to ruin two of the staples in his life, Trevor and Ella, I think he though in the end even if he kept denying Ella she would always be his friend anyway. Anyway I'm rambling. Sorry.

Danielle said...

my favorite character is brett. what girl doesn't ike a hunky blonde football player? lol keep up the good work! :)

Amanda said...

Ella is my favourite character because I can relate to her. She shy quite and keeps to herself but something always seems missing but when she does something crazy, she goes all the way.

My least favourite charecter is Monty all because I don't know what's going on in his head. I would like to see some more indepth on how Monty feels.

You are doing a great job with this story Kate, you should be very proud.

Anonymous said...

Well I dont have favorite character in this story ^^ Well I love Brett most maybe, but it's not easy to pick one among your characters, they are all great XD

bklyangel said...

I love Brett, simply because he makes you just want to give him a hug and tell him everything is going to be okay. I think thats one of the biggest reasons for rooting for Brett/Ella

Anonymous said...

Ella's my favorite. I feel as if I can relate to her personality and her way of thinking is very similar to mine. Trevor is likely my second favorite just for how much he's been going through and how mature he has become.
I really like how you have taken characters and a story that should have been clique or common and made it unique and personal with all the real and relatable characters. It's good!! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous said...

I actually like pretty much all of the characters. There's something about all of them I really love except maybe Monty, he reminds me of someone I don't like so much but besides that I can't fault any of them. I really like the growth many of them have taken, especially in the last few chapters.

If I had to pick though it would be a toss up between Brett & Ella. I absolutely love the two of them & i'm really looking forward to see how everything works out for them!

This story is definetly my favourite i'm so glad you're making it so long. You haven't once lost my attention which isn't an easy thing to do! Can't wait for more ;)

L x

littlewiseone said...
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littlewiseone said...

I think many of ladies on this site are falling for Brett. That's so cute.


Anonymous said...

I think my favourite character has to be Corey.She's so fun,and is exactly what Ella needs right now to help her come out of herself.Corey seems very care-free and optimistic,and i would love it if you could write more of her in one of your chapters. ;)

However, I also really like Brett.Simply because he's complicated.You could have so easily made him like a typical football player,but he has great depth.Plus he has great taste in music.

My least favourite character is Monty.It's not that i don't like him exactly.It's because i don't really know what's going on inside his head at the minute.He seems a little too mysterious,for my liking.


Tessa said...

My favorite character is Ella b/c she reminds me so much of myself.

Anonymous said...

Umm...my favourite character is probably Ella. As a girl I can relate to her but especially because I'm quite shy too and I kinda live in my 4 brother's shadows. In my parent's and anyone else's eyes.

I LOVE Brett too. He's really so sweet and adorable.

Great job with the story Kate. You should be uber proud. Can't wait for the next chapter.


Anonymous said...

My favorite character would have to be either Brett or Trevor. I've always loved how even though their tough, football players, they both have a soft side to them.

I definitely enjoy reading Ella and Joy as well, but I think it's the boys that make me like them even more.

My least favorite character, so far, would have to be Monty. I don't know. He seems to be a little creepy to me, and I have a feeling that Ella's going to lose her virginity to him and not Brett. I don't like Monty because he seems to be really jealous of Brett and ella's friendship, and because he seems to be becoming a little obsessive with Ella. It's starting to creep me out. lol.

I can't wait for chapter 23! Lyla returns! :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh no i'd hate for Ella to lose her virginity to Monty that would completely ruin the story for me.

I'm really loving Brett he's definetly my favourite. I want a Brett!